Google Helps Businesses Retarget With Remarketing Tool

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Last week Google launched a new tool in AdWords simply named remarketing.  Aitan Weinberg, the product manager at Google told DM News that, “Remarketing allows [marketers] to advertise to users who have previously visited their Web site.  For example, an advertiser could leverage search to drive traffic to its site, and then later use remarketing to target those people that visited its site when they are on a contextually similar site.”

You will be able to access this feature in your AdWords dashboard under the Audience tab.  Once you click on this tab you will to, “segment, define and target different content network audiences for advertisers to try and remarket to.”  Google is also reporting that this feature will work for all types of industries and have already seen it be helpful for the automotive, retail, local and finance industries.

One company who was using the beta version of this tool was InterContinental Hotels, which use online marketing tactics to help increase their revenue.  Michael Menis, vice president of global interactive marketing at InterContinental Hotels says that, “Retargeting measurement is a little complicated because you have to imagine that there’s a percent of people that once they leave your site will likely come back. So you need to measure the lift.” He goes on to say, “What excites me about retargeting is to do it well you need to think of it similar to a science, much like search

Since last week some people have voiced concerns about how this will infringe on privacy laws. Google has an answer for this and, “an advertiser can only remarket to users who have visited their site (or who have interacted with their YouTube homepage ad or brand channel).”

So for example, if you click on an ad for to find information and leave for whatever reason, the only people who would be able to remarket to you are the people a  This is good news and would eliminate problems that telemarketing companies encountered before the Do Not Call Registry came about.

If you use AdWords check this new feature out, and see if remarketing can benefit your business.  It could become more beneficial than you might think.

One thought on “Google Helps Businesses Retarget With Remarketing Tool

  1. avatarRebecca

    Hi there. Great post – but I just wanted to add that although there’s been a big push since Google announced this, retargeting isn’t new by any means. It’s just new to AdWords. But the fact that Google is now using it just validates how effective it is.

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