Google Instant: Impresses Millions but Scares Online Marketers

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Google Instant SearchIt took 20 years for the “Silent Generation” to accept that a PC is necessary for business survival. 5 years to get them online, and another 3 to use email. There is no question that the earlier generation is moving at a snail’s pace in comparison to modern e-businesses technology. Now, the speediest company (Google) in both search results and business growth are confusing SEO marketers even more with Google Instant. Search results that populate as you type may ultimately leave you browsing through more websites that you hadn’t intended. Google Instant’s caffeinated impulsivity may frighten the apprehensive but it may ultimately provide a much steeper learning curve for SEO marketers.

How does this affect SEO Marketers?
Keystroke by keystroke results are quite novel in terms of convenience but they are changing the way people search. In the quest for the keyword “Business Vendors” the searcher will stumble upon top results for “Bu-sch Gardens” and “Business V-aluation”. Traditional keywords are no doubt less reliable in returning the same website traffic because the search is returning more and more results (relevant to the search query or not). If you pause for 3 seconds while typing it counts as a search impression. This scares critics like Steve Rubel who believe that Google Instant means, “no two people will see the same web”. Google’s push to optimize search engine efficiency means that the web will not be seen the same way, but does it mean that SEO’s cannot tap in to the secrets of Google Instant?

Optimists like Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land refute the advent of “SEO is Dead” by arguing that SEO is important because it is about “understanding how people search… and ensuring that content is search engine friendly”. Sullivan makes a good point by stating that SEO has changed drastically since beginning of the millennia and even more recently overcame and adapted to Google Suggest. The art of learning how people search for information will always be important and relevant for businesses. SEO is an exciting industry because it is constantly changing, and Google Instant provides challenges but doesn’t change the game.

Just as new technology scares the senior generation, Google Instant may prove to Internet marketers that scary doesn’t mean bad. It can even potentially be beneficial to SEO marketers (more keywords). I predict it will be another month before we can see the impact of Google Instant on impressions and website traffic.

Matt Krautstrunk is an expert writer based in San Diego, California.  He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

2 thoughts on “Google Instant: Impresses Millions but Scares Online Marketers

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