Google to Jolt their Already Dominated Market with Caffeine.

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Google Caffeine is a project in the works by Google to make their already successful empire have even more of an edge. The project is said to not change the overall face of the Google search engine as its an under the hood architecture change, but to revamp it literally as if it had consumed a large portion of caffeine. This of course will arguably make Google even more powerful than before as Google Caffeine will improve its overall speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. A boon to users and advertisers enjoying the subtle changes while SEO companies being more directly impacted by the caffeinated architecture shift.

Google Caffeine is rumored to make it increasingly harder for businesses to use outdated schemes to get ahead of the search engine’s results page.  However, to remain on Google’s and other search engine’s good side, here are a few tips:

Be Sure Your Content is Relevant

No more will you be able to blur your content with endless tags and links. Google’s new algorithm is said to focus on websites with strong content relating to the function of the company.

Keep Your Website Fresh and Recent

This should be a must anyways, but now Google is making sure it is, by giving websites with freshly updated information priority over others. Hopefully this comes naturally, because users more than likely prefer relevant and new content rather than old news.

Have Good Quality Links

When linking to sites, be sure that those sites are reputable and worth citing or linking to. Also, the sites you link should relate to your website content rather than be completely unrelated. Some SEO moguls will think of this as basic techniques, but you can never be too safe.

Dip Your Feet into the Thriving Social Media Industry

As you might know, social media is taking over the Internet at a fast rate. This is why if you haven’t already, you should tap into this valuable resource. With Google Caffeine’s upcoming release, social media presence will only become more influential as they will now implement social media into their search results.

Page Load

Google Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, affirmed that page load will be an search algorithm factor within Caffeine which plays into the speed aspect. Its not defined what the page load time should be set to, but 3 seconds is a good target.

Without a specific launch date, Google Caffeine should be pushed out to all datacenters sometime in March. The specific timing of which will most likely be announced by Matt Cutts himself at SMX West.

To stay ahead of the game, it may be wise to update & speed up your site while being sure to provide unique interesting relevant content so you can have your own caffeine by sipping coffee while the site traffic rolls in.

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