Google Updates “Updates”

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Ever want direct access to what the masses are talking (or tweeting) about? Sure you do, it opens your eyes to other peoples’ reactions to hot topics or new products, always a good thing. Instead of waiting for the talking heads to tell you what is going on according to their “expert opinion,” you could go straight to the masses and get the scoop on what everyone is saying. This all sounds like a great idea, but for a while now it’s been a bit of a pipe dream. Facebook and Twitter both have features similar to this, but  both have cracks in their armor. Twitter is restricted to Twitter updates and results only go back four days, and many call out Facebook on simply not being effective.

Fortunately, there’s another route, and unsurprisingly enough Google is behind the wheel of yet another shiny new program designed to help out the public. Last year Google already had a nifty little option that supplemented regular Google searches. Much like how you can sort out news articles from other search results, they have an option labeled “Updates” that sorts out Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, and blog updates.

However, Google just released a new and improved version with its very own URL at In this newer version, updates refresh the page constantly giving you up to the second updates on whatever topic you want to search. There are other features such as, at the moment search results can go back  from February of this year, you can localize search results to see what people are saying about a topic in specific areas, view whole conversation threads that deal with the topic of interest, and even set it up so that emails are sent to you when something new is reported.

With yet another direct line of contact, getting public response is getting quicker and easier all the time.  A smart, savvy business owner could use this to their advantage by utilizing instant knowledge of what people are thinking, instead of waiting for polls or reports on what the public wants. You now can do a little quick research on your own and find out exactly what the public wants, just make sure to double check sources before printing anything concrete.

Andrew Sale is an expert writer based in San Diego, California.  He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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