GPS Fleet Tracking and Overcoming Employee Friction

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GPS fleet tracking puts you ahead of your competition. Fleet tracking solutions are a new way for businesses to cut costs and improve efficiencies with remote resources. It’s quite simple really; these solutions work by providing you (the manager) with real time information about your vehicles. Whether your business is looking to develop reporting transparency on its external resources or simply optimize fleet routes, GPS tracking solutions can help.

However, it’s often not that simple. While fleet tracking software provides numerous benefits for your business, you may need to convince your employees it can help them too. They may initially feel intimidated by a technology that monitors their every move; but you need to help them understand that fleet tracking technology isn’t to micro-manage; it’s to help improve efficiencies for both parties.

Overcoming Obstacles
On the back end, there are little downsides to fleet management, according to an Aberdeen study; businesses found a 21% reduction in operating costs per vehicle with fleet management software. However, for businesses to get these advantages, you need to make sure your employees understand (A.) how to use your solution, and (B.) how they can benefit from these tools.

How the system works
The first step in helping employees understand your solutions is to be honest and forthright in your decision. Explain to your employees the process of, how and what the system tracks. The fleet management system will engage when the car is turned on and it will track the vehicles location and route. The information then will be reported back to you, where you will attempt to determine what changes can be made.

How employees benefit from these tools
One of the most important steps to implementing a fleet management solution is overcoming the fact that no one really likes the idea of being constantly watched. Counter this by making sure your employees understand how fleet tracking solutions can improve their jobs:

  • More transparent job performance review. Better possibility for standing out for superior work
  • No discrepancy with time and attendance systems. Your employees will never be paid less than the actual amount of hours worked.
  • Less risk for accusations. There is a famous story of a Nevada driver who had been accused of causing an accident; when he was cleared from the charges by providing the fleet tracking information that he was nowhere near the accident.
  • Potential to work less hours. Improving routes can mean that your employees have the ability to work fewer hours if they so desire. This could sometimes save them from the dreaded 2am routes.

You should know that your employees who resist the technology are likely the least productive workers. With GPS fleet tracking, your drivers who consistently outperform are the one who will shine. Some businesses are even finding that creating incentives to allow drivers to retain a fraction of the savings helps them embrace the technology better. Whatever you do, be prepared to answer questions. GPS fleet technology may have a bit of a barrier to entry, but it well worth the extra costs associated once it is up and running.

7 thoughts on “GPS Fleet Tracking and Overcoming Employee Friction

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    All great points. One huge obstacle many businesses are needing to overcome is rising fuel costs. Helping employees find more efficient routes using fleet management technology is a great way to improve mileage.

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  6. avatarDon Lewis

    Business owners and managers need to move away from the adage that using these systems is akin to becoming “Big Brother”. The management benefits of using these systems far outweigh any fallout from disgruntled employees. We have many systems in use today solving fleet management problems in a wide variety of commercial fleet applications. For more information please visit us at

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