Green Marketing: Finding the Right Balance

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One of the reasons that I started my business, MarketGarden, was to help Green Businesses, those that offer green/sustainable products or services, market themselves. Often times these start-ups or smaller companies can not afford a variety of agencies – a marketing firm, pr firm, web developer, and advertising agency – to do so. I wanted to offer all of those services in a more efficient, cost effective way. In order to be true to my mission, I needed to find better ways to market – greener ways, more cost effective ways. Over the last year, I have realized that this balance is not just for Green businesses, but all businesses.

There has been a shift toward global agreement that we must to take more responsibility for the health of our planet and reduce our Carbon Foot Print, but balancing that with building a business and in a difficult economic climate can be overwhelming. That said all of these challenges require a more creative strategy that can benefit from the newest marketing tools. Market smarter (have a good strategy) and have your tactics work harder (lower cost, targeted and more impactful.)

Market Your Business – Use Green Marketing Methods – Reduce Costs, this marketing Trifecta is possible and effective. Here are some tips for you to use to reach your goals.

Direct Mail

  • Use a more targeted mailing list. This reduces your list size and increases response rates. You can use the postage savings on more effective creative, possibly variable printing.
  • Make sure to purge and update your lists
  • Reduce waste by mailing smaller pieces – driving recipients to your web site for more information. This will also reduce postage costs.

Printing – Use green printers such as and that offer green printing solutions and operate their business with a reduced Carbon Foot Print.

Electronic Collateral – Limit your use of printed materials, but emailing brochures and presentations, rather than printing them. This is a huge cost savings. Many retailers offer online catalogs rather than mailing them out.

Invoicing and other communications – Try using email for invoices and statements, once again saving on postage and printing. You can always offer mailed and emailed versions, and let your customers choose.


  • Have your website do more of your “heavy lifting” by posting communication items such as –brochures, annual reports and newsletters, on your site where they can be viewed or downloaded as needed. FTP large documents or information, rather than overnighting them. You can send emails out with links back to your site for more information.
  • Spread the word through blogs and social networking sites
  • Post videos on your site or YouTube to tell your story show a demonstration of your product or service or provide tutorials.

Need inspiration? There are some great publications and websites out there that showcase unique and effective green marketing campaigns. One my favorites is USPS’s publication Deliver Magazine, The site offers white papers, podcasts and case studies as well as a subscription to the publication.

To find vendors to help you with your marketing campaigns, visit Resource Nation’s online business center.

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