Green Technology Conference: The Leader in Going Green Machines

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The idea of ‘going green’ has been creeping into global consciousness since its debut around 2006. Many people expected the hot topic of  environmental issues to be merely a passing fad as so many public concerns become, but it seems the exact opposite has happened.  Go Green supporters are making ways to go green overtly accessible and simple, aiding people in their efforts of going green. Along with major corporations like Walmart and Lancome, individuals and sole proprietors can easily adopt more environmental-friendly practices with the recent new innovations.

The Green Technology Conference is a relatively new formation of people, researchers, and businesses all dedicated to doing their part. The conference this year is scheduled in Dallas and Grapevine Texas around April 15-16. One of the keynote speakers presenting  is Jim Greer, the Vice President of Oncor. Oncor is planning to institute 3.4 million smart meters by 2012. These meters will record and analyze energy use and aid researchers in more effective pollution deterrent methods.

Go Green supporters are anxiously waiting this speech and the other exhibits to see the newest “green gadgets” and inventions by individual companies. Greer states the exhibit will detail “emerging technologies in renewable energy, alternative fuel, alternative vehicle power sources and technologies to promote energy conservation in the home  and business.”

Here are some of the favorites that will be highlighted at the convention:

  • The Go Charger: The Go charger is a portable friction activated charger for your mobile phone.
  • The Smart Grid Home Controller This innovative power strip is configured by the users of the Smart Electrical Network and turns off certain devices which are not being used saving the consumer money and energy.
  • Dissolving Hand Toiletries: The dissolving hand toiletries are perfect for travelers because they are not only compact but are compliant with airport carry on regulations. The user simply adds water to their choice of Body Wash, Shampoo, or Soap and they dissolve instantly.
  • Cars: Automobiles are a hot topic in the world of going green. Recently featured on the Jay Leno show, Ford released its first new battery electric Focus. Another innovative car comes from Hungary and is a solar electric vehicle which can run for 20 km of solar energy. The amazing thing about this new green car is that it can actually split into two vehicles!

4 thoughts on “Green Technology Conference: The Leader in Going Green Machines

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    A lot of nations are more and more concerned with pressing issues such as climate change. In fact, even grade school students are all about conserving energy and protecting the environment.

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