Holiday Customer Support: Your Call Center

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holiday customer careThe holidays can be a very profitable time for businesses, but it can also be a very stressful one for both your business and its customers. Call centers are the main method of contact between you and your customer and are essential for improving and maintaining positive client relationship.

Because customers often have more questions about products and services during the holiday season, make sure your call center is prepared for the increase of phone and media traffic.

Prepare Employees

The most important aspect of an effective call center: the qualities and capabilities of your call agents. Having employees who can handle the increased work load around the holidays is essential to maintaining customer loyalty during the most expensive time of year.

  • Fill them in on the latest products, services, and promotions your company is offering for the holiday season. Make sure they have all of the up to date information they might need in advance in order to answer customer’s questions.
  • Make sure they can perform under pressure, and deal with frantic customers. The holidays are a stressful time and some of your customers might be abrasive; consider making a “caller drill” imitating a distressed customer to see how your employees would react in a similar situation.
  • Be sure they are fully trained on the call center software and other technology.
  • Warm and friendly customer support is always something your company should provide, but during the holiday season it is especially important. Be sure your agents greet your customers warmly and wish them well once their questions are answered.

Make Service Channels Accessible

Nothing can make a holiday more stressful than waiting on hold for hours or having a connection error when trying to reach out to a retailer about gift concerns. During the holiday season it is essential that all of your equipment is working efficiently and without any glitches so that your customers can contact you whenever they may need.

This applies to all of your service channels including phone, email, fax, social media and internet connections. Make sure your channels are able to handle the heavy traffic and multiple lines so that you don’t run into any problems at inconvenient times.

Use Callback Technology

If your customer cannot wait on hold for whatever reason but still needs information about your company, use your callback technology to log their information day and the customer will see that you have their best interests at heart when you remember to call and contact them at a better time. This benefits both you and the customer in that it helps agents spread out contact throughout the them back in a timely manner.

Train Temporary Staff

Some companies take on extra employees around the holiday season to help with the huge in their call center traffic. Hiring independent call agents can be a good way for your company to handle to added business around the holiday season without having to take on new employees for the entire year.

However, it is extremely important that these individuals are fully trained and have a strong understanding of your company and its services, as they will be the face of your business to many different customers throughout the day. Be sure they are fully capable of handling your clients concerns and providing them with accurate information.

The increase in shopping and sales during the holiday season will naturally result in an increase in call center activity. Because maintaining a positive relationship with your customers is so important, your call center should be prepared for this increase in traffic and be able to answer questions clearly and completely.

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