Holiday SEO Tips for 2010

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I love this time of the year. I get to spend more time with my extended family and share good times with old friends. But for many retailers this is the most important and most nerve racking time of the year, especially when their yearly success greatly depends on a small two month window.

A large part of success greatly depends on their SEO efforts and the rankings for their most important keywords. But what if you’re not ranking where you would like? Don’t be perturbed. There’s always next year. With the impending launch of Google Caffeine in January it’s important to understand the changes in the algorithm in order to properly prepare for next year’s holiday season.

Below provides tips on how to prepare and ramp up your SEO efforts for next year:

  • Page load time is the biggest update to Google’s algorithm, so much so that Google provides a report with the average page speed time in the Webmaster Tools account.
  • Keyword research is the foundation of any holiday SEO campaign. Google Insights is a great place to find seasonal keywords because it provides in-depth keyword traffic trends and patterns across different regions for the past five years.
  • Create a page or section dedicated to coupons and discounts. Demand for coupons and other corresponding keyword phrases such as “shopping coupons,” “free coupons,” “promotional coupons,” and “promo codes” have significantly increased the past 24 months.
  • Submit to coupon and discount sites. Traffic to sites such as Coupon Cabin, Tech Bargains, DealCatcher, and has also dramatically increased. Not only can you reach a wider audience, you can also get external links pointing back to your site.
  • SEO takes time. That’s why it is important to plan as early as possible. In order to achieve the full effect of your SEO efforts, most of your optimizations and pages of content of should be implemented no later than July.
  • Content, content, and more content. A lot of consumers do not know what gifts to buy so why not create content for these consumers? One example could be: Top Ten Best {insert your industry name here} Holiday Gifts Under $50.

With some planning, creativity and hard work, next year’s holiday season can be your most successful yet.

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