How (and Why) Pinterest Leads to Major Purchases

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how and why to increase sales with pinterest

The era of social media shows no signs of slowing down. Harvard Business Review argued all those likes, tweets and pins are disruptive in the business world. Can it be that social media is a replacement for all those charismatic individuals in the sales department? Just take a look at the way Pinterest is adapting to work with businesses.

Pins Leading to Purchases

According to Shopify, Pinterest is currently No. 3 in the world in terms of popularity among the social networking websites. In fact, the number of people pinning products, services and locations has increased by 145 percent since January 2012 (Tweet This Now!). This represents a significant opportunity for small-business owners looking to boost sales in both their brick-and-mortar locations as well as e-commerce sites. More importantly, the average Pinterest user spends $80 per purchase, which is vastly greater than shoppers who were guided to an online storefront through Facebook (Click To Tweet!). That number also outranks Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing. Moreover, people who browse product information using Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than those coming from other social media sites. Is that convincing enough?

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Certainly, social media has had an incredible influence on the way companies and consumers connect and communicate, but there is always room for improvement. While the overarching claim for these networking services is to create a collaborative environment where everyone can share their thoughts and insights, sales representatives have a vital role to play when converting followers and those who chronically like or pin into customers.

Reach Out to Consumers

One way businesses can do this is leveraging the popularity of Pinterest into their sales strategies. For example, Mashable reported the social networking site has taken steps to integrate product notifications. In essence, Pinterest has set up an alert system that sends users information about sales and deals pertaining to products and services they previously pinned. The philosophy – and data-supported theory – guiding this move is the fact that previously pinned products or services are more visible to consumers. Pins showcasing product prices receive 36 percent more interest than those that don’t provide consumers with cost information (Tweet This!)

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Highlight Your Interests and Knowledge

This is where your sales team must provide their expertise. Communication about products or services facilitates the purchasing process. Consumers want to know about whatever they’re planning on spending their hard-earned dollars on. As a result, your sales reps need to create an online presence that blends with the rapidly expanding age of social media-enabled shopping. Shoppers like to know they’re dealing with a company that’s engaged and knowledgeable about its industry.

Creating a profile that is widely accessible through Pinterest guides consumers when they’re deciding if a salesperson is well-informed about the field. The social networking site gives users the opportunity to showcase their connections and, obviously, their interests. But consumers can get a good idea of whether they’ll connect on a personal level with the salesperson. You know the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words.” Because of the visual nature of Pinterest, shoppers can have a more visceral experience by directly seeing what members of your sales team are involved in.

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Remember, beyond the dollars and cents of selling products, consumers want to make a personal connection with the company they collaborate with, which makes this social media site ideal for improving your lead generation. Moreover they want this connection immediately. HBR indicated 40 percent of purchases derived from Pinterest are carried out within a week of pinning. Within three weeks, 80 percent of shoppers buy the product they’ve expressed interest in (Tweet This!).

This gives sales reps a golden opportunity to engage these potential customers. With the benefit of social media, you’ve got a premium avenue of communication. Following up quickly and providing pertinent information can help your sales team improve the return on investment your company has made by interacting with consumers through social media.

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