How Call Recording Can Help Your Business Grow

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business call recordingThe new wave of digital call recording software has evolved to make it easier for your business to assess the quality of your call center and customer service representatives.

It enables you to analyze individual telephone encounters as well as call patterns and meta data. Utilizing this software can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees, resulting in better branding and more growth for your business.

Improve Efficiency

Recording your calls can help you know what your reps are doing well, and where in the process they’re falling short. The software can create objective benchmarks for improvements and assess the need for changes in the ways your reps handle calls.

  • Generating reports from your call recording software can help you analyze your employees’ workload distribution, time spent on calls, success rates of calls, and other data. It can analyze the effectiveness of your training processes and call scripts.
  • The knowledge you glean from call analysis and the changes you make can help you keep and upsell customers as well as mitigate the effects of problematic situations and customers.
  • You can train your reps to recognize when it is appropriate to transfer calls to other departments for assistance.

Train Smarter

You can help make your employees more productive and effective by utilizing the benefits of call recording in your employee training procedures. The best way to instill your business’s values in your employees is to give them examples of your preferred methods of handling customers.

  • Instead of canned training recordings read off from a script, use your current employees recorded calls as examples of good practices. This makes your new hire training more comprehensive and conceptually cohesive, utilizing real situations that they’re likely to encounter while working for your business.
  • Your call recordings can also show the correct methods for navigating small talk and going off-script while maintaining your business’s image and values.

Effective Review

Reviewing your calls regularly can help you identify ways to improve how your reps handle customers and situations effectively. Especially in the case of escalated or problematic calls, you can go over the recording point by point and delve deep into the ways the call went wrong or right.

  • This analytical depth can help create a more profound level of understanding between your business, your call representatives, and your customers. Improvements are easier to initiate and more effective when the reasons behind them are clear.
  • You can also analyze how well certain strategies or scripts worked in different situations. Slight procedural adjustments can greatly improve your sales, upsells, and customer satisfaction.

Call recording software is often used in large businesses with a greater number of call reps, but it can be very useful to small businesses as well. It’s easy to integrate with your VoIP or traditional phone lines and can generate a wealth of data for your business. Using call recording to improve the way your representative reach out to and interact with customers can promote efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction.

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