How Mobile Apps are a Safer, Customer-Centered Alternative to the Web

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Mobile apps can provide a safer alternative to the Web for purchasing.Have you experienced phantom vibrations yet? If you have, don’t worry, you’re neither crazy nor alone.

According to Brandwatch, 67 percent of cell phone owners check their device for messages, alerts or any other form of communication even when no one has tried to reach them. What’s more, 44 percent of people who own a cell phone take their electronic companion to sleep with them. I would wager a safe bet that you’ve checked your smartphone at least three times between the time you woke up and had breakfast.

The ubiquitous use of digital technology is also an opportunity for businesses to offer their customers a platform to make the purchasing life cycle simpler and smoother. There are several reasons why you should integrate mobile as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy.

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Manage Cyber Fraud
First, the perceived and actual risk of fraud when using smartphones and tablets is significantly less than other computing devices. According to a recent online poll by Deloitte, only 9 percent of managers and executives reported mobile fraud is a top concern for their business.

Second, companies can largely avoid many of the issues facing e-commerce consumers, such as email phishing attacks, with brand-specific mobile apps. Cyber-criminals use phishing URL addresses to access personal information on mobile devices depend on the Web browser to potentially steal information. Mobile apps customized for a specific company don’t depend on websites, as consumers enter their information into the app alone, making them a safer alternative.

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Cater to Your Customers’ Preferences
Not only can you provide a relatively safer purchasing platform, you can also cater to your customers’ wants and needs.

Giving your customers a reason to use the app is a critical step. For example, Urban Outfitters recently developed a new app that allows consumers to earn reward points by participating in interactive challenges and other social media-enabled content, Direct Marketing News said. In addition to a rewards system, you can provide a service that may not be directly linked with your products or services but is geared toward your consumers’ behavior.┬áThe Urban On app is also a music player, which gives consumers the chance to win tickets to a music event. Obviously, Urban Outfitters’ main focus is clothes, but they know enough about their customers to engage them with the brand beyond something they can wear.

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Providing a safe platform for purchasing and developing personalized tools are part of the same equation for growth, which mobile apps can help a business achieve.

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