How to—Build a Subscriber List: Keep Them Coming Back for More

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Everyone knows that plants require upkeep, and common sense tells you that you have to water the plant in order to keep it alive and well. This same concept can be used when it comes to your small business, but for some reason when it comes to a small business, this is not always common sense. Many companies are missing their chance to keep their business growing simply because they do not keep up with their subscribers.You do not want to stop once you get a few interested customers; you want to keep growing by trying to get new customers interested. A subscriber list is the way to make sure this happens.

A subscriber list is simply a list of customers or potential customers who will receive updates about your company. These updates are sent out by you or someone in your company either by mail or email, although email, typically known as email marketing, is usually more popular. According to Direct Marketers Association, “email marketing has an average return on investment of $43.52 for every dollar spent which is expected to reach $44.25 by the end of 2011.” Whether you already have a subscriber list used for your email marketing or are looking to cash in on this phenomenon, it is always beneficial to grow your list with quality potential customers. Below lists a few tips to help get you started:

Leave Them Wanting More: Tips to Growing Your Subscriber List

  • Do not overlook content—One of the ways you get people added to your list in the first place is because something you have written has peaked their interest. In many cases, someone has to read your blog or read the content on your website for a few weeks before realizing they want to get a company newsletter or email message. Content is the first step in getting users hooked, and this should be the first step in working to grow your list.
  • Make it a priority to network at all events—This seems obvious, but those who have been building the subscriber list for a while often let this one slide by as time continues. Whenever you attend a business event, collect business cards of everyone you come into contact with; then send them an email with links to your website and ask them if they’d be interested in receiving your emails.
  • Ask subscribers for referrals—At the end of your message or newsletter, prompt your already subscribing customers to forward the message to a friend or business associate.
  • Email Signature—Add a sentence into your email signature that takes readers to your newsletter or sign-up page for your email messages. Chances are if you are emailing someone, they either know you or your company, or they want to know you or your company, so something like a newsletter may catch their eye.
  • Make it easy and free to subscribe—Make sure it is easy for users to sign up for your newsletter or messages that you will send to your subscribers by putting a link to the subscription page on all your web pages. Your first priority is getting people to subscribe while your second priority is getting them interested in buying your product or service. Once people are on your list, you can spend your time selling.
  • Offer an incentive for signing up—Consider offering some sort of free gift or money-off if someone becomes a subscriber—this is sure to grow your list fast!

There are also many different email marketing software programs that will help make sure that your subscribers are well taken care of when your company message or newsletter comes rolling in. Once you have your email marketing campaign set-up, or even a newsletter or information packet that goes through traditional mail, it is time to start building up and increasing the number of subscribers. With these few tips, you’re sure to keep your company alive and well.

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