Using Promotional Products To Acquire New Customers

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get new customers with promotional itemsMany businesses use custom printed promotional items to help enlighten prospects and clients to their brand name.  That’s good because building brand awareness is part of the marketing package in today’s advertising world.

In addition to driving home your brand, promotional items can be used as Direct Response advertising pieces.  Direct Response is the technique to motivate your client/prospect into responding to your message:


There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t utilize your promotional products as coupons.  Most custom printed promotional items offer a large enough imprint area to offer additional text such as: 10% OFF your next order, $5.00 rebate when you return this item, first month free rent when you e-mail us at…., and so on.

Many companies only see these as tools to expose the brand name. – Not so.  Don’t hesitate to offer special deals/discounts on your promotional items.


Your promotional item can have the time and ending date, reward and so on, of your contest printed on the items you’re using.  A good idea is to combine a number of themed items that match your contest.  Say for example your company is giving away a free cruise; combining a number of promotional items such as soft side luggage, floatie key chains, passport document holders, and more can all be utilized to encourage people to enter.

Free Product Sample

When introducing a new product or product line revise your imprinted message on your current promotional items to encourage customers to contact you for a free sample.  There’s almost nothing as good as receiving a free promotional marketing item, promoting another free product.  This is an effective way to drive new leads to your company.


As an incentive gift for purchasing, signing up, registering early, referring, etc., using the incentive approach may be the best use of promotional products I’ve experienced.  Here’s a couple prime example:

  • B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society).  Their method of operation always, always, always includes a B.A.S.S. logoed piece of merchandise when you join, in addition to an official decal, patch and more.
  • The NRA (National Rifle Association) utilizes NRA emblazoned knives as a reward for becoming a member.

Your company may not be as recognizable and well known (yet!) as the ones mentioned above, but using an incentive such as a professionally embroidered polo shirt, or name brand gift such as a Mag-Lite with your brand imprinted, can be used just as effectively.

All of the above mentioned advertising techniques combined with your online marketing can work cohesively together to generate new and repeat sales.

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Scott Rauber, Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997. Scott has 15 years of hands-on customer experience selling promotional products, has spoken at a number of promotional products industry tradeshows, and is the author behind:

7 thoughts on “Using Promotional Products To Acquire New Customers

  1. avatarLatoya Smith

    A year ago I used PCA Delta in Pompano Beach FL to print some coffee mugs, which they did a great job with. Now I use them for all my promotional items since they have lots to choose from with good prices and quality. If you need promotional items, check them out at

  2. avatarJim Bennett

    I love this blog post! I am always imploring my customers to think about their promotional product use in a different way. Many of my customers do use their business card magnets as a coupon. I also take a lot of die cut magnet orders with multiple magnetic coupons as part of their design. There is so much that you can do with 1 little product that will make that product work for you!

  3. avatarJosh Barnes

    Always try and think of promotional items that will make you stand out. If you can’t, or that doesn’t lend itself to your business style, think of ones that will be the most useful and therefore looked at the most often, especially if they tend to be things that live in places where they are on display, such as calendars.

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