How to Choose the Right Office Furniture for Your Business

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office furniture for business startupWhile businesses are often full of new and exciting things, the boring I-want-to-ignore-you business activities still carry over into the shiny new quarter. It is extremely important that businesses continue to improve upon what they already do and in turn improve the quality of the workspace for employees. Although it may seem daunting, shopping for good, quality office furniture is a must. Lots of business owners put this activity on the back burner because it means a lot of money (and not necessarily a lot of revenue). If this describes your mentality, think of this quarter as a fresh start—try and get all of your cleanup work out of the way so you can start with a clean slate.

What I think many people don’t realize is that shopping for office furniture can actually be a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have that “design eye” that HGTV always talks about, you will probably surprise yourself as you continue to shop. It’s fairly simple to have an opinion on something as black and white as office furniture, and it can shape the whole vibe of your office (and for most that is no easy task).

New vs. Used Office Furniture

Once you’re ready to start shopping, you must first decide whether you want “New” or “Used” furniture:

  • New – With new furniture you will have a variety of choices regarding style, color, and size. If you’re looking for a modern look, new furniture might be the only way to go. However, it is generally very expensive and requires some sort of set-up. You can certainly hire someone to set up the furniture for you, but once again you’re looking at a high cost. Nonetheless, it would be worth it to splurge if you plan to have the furniture for three or more years.
  • Used – Lots of people shy away from used products, but used furniture can actually be a great alternative. If you’re looking to save money or buy temporary furniture, used is the way to go. Although you will not have a big selection of choices and probably won’t be offered any sort of warranty, you will be saving money on what just may be the biggest purchase your office will ever see. However, it does not work well if you have a company with more than ten to fifteen employees.

Once you decide whether new or used works for you, it’s time to actually go shopping. I would definitely recommend, in either situation, you go and see the furniture first before buying.  However, it may be a good idea to look online first, see what is out there, and decide what shape and style will work for your office before actually going to look.

Dealer vs. Broker When Choosing Used Office Furniture

Used furniture is a bit trickier because you have the option of working with a dealer or a broker. I would generally recommend a furniture dealer because they are generally very helpful and willing to be flexible to meet your needs. However, a broker is usually less expensive. Although they probably won’t have a nice showroom, they are certainly the right option for a small company on a budget.

As long as you can evaluate your office and figure out the needs of your employees, you will definitely find the furniture that’s right for you. Consider asking your employees for their opinions and take that into consideration before buying. After all, the furniture is for the entire officer.

Jenna Kane is a writer and marketer for Calvin Klein Underwear retailer, Chonies. She also writes for various blogs and marketing communities giving startup companies financial advice.

One thought on “How to Choose the Right Office Furniture for Your Business

  1. avatarCraig Haughton

    Good article. However, I feel that finding used office furniture is such a drain on resources. These days you can tend to find exceptional deals on buying your office furniture new. More so, online.

    In the UK, where I am based by the way, you do have independent furniture dealers who specialise in this market but the majority comes direct from office supplies wholesalers.

    As most of the office supplies companies use the same wholesalers, you can tend to to get a great deal by playing them off against each other on price, service and delivery.

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