How to Display Recent Tweets Right From Your Email Signature

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Remember the days when email signatures used to be just a URL pointing at your website? Then things progressed and marketers began to put links pointing to social networking profiles in signature lines, hoping the recipient might click through and begin following them on Twitter.

These days, however, it’s very possible to just place a feed of recent tweets right there in your signature line for people to see every time they open an email from you. This is great for business owners wanting to show the latest news and events, for marketers wanting to keep people updated with what’s happening, or just as a way to increase the number of followers you have.

There’s a twitter tool available called ‘TwitFooter’, which is a free web app you can add to your marketing toolbox. We use it a lot here at 123neonsigns and it’s a really neat little tool that automatically updates your Twitter status in your emails. This includes the emails you’ve already sent out to people!

You can use TwitFooter with the majority of the larger email services, including Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and several others.

Step One: head over to TwitFooter ( and choose the option to sign in with Twitter.

TwitFooter will then connect directly to your Twitter account. Don’t panic about your password being stolen, as the log-in verification process is done through O-auth, so it’s safe.

Step Two: During the account authentication process, you will be asked if you’d like to “Allow emailFootr Access?” You want to select ‘Allow’ for this option.

Step Three: Once you’re logged in, you’re automatically sent back to TwitFooter. You’ll land on a page that shows you the footer you have for your Twitter account. You should see four options listed there:

–       Show Bio
–       Show Latest Tweet
–       Show Random Tweet
–       Don’t Show Anything

Obviously, you’ll want to select “Show Latest Tweet”.  This will generate a code for you that you need to copy.

Step Four: Paste the code TwitFooter generated for you into your email signature block, save it and you’re done.

This code is not javascript, nor is it a plugin. Rather, TwitFooter generates a small image that is more like a screen-shot of your latest Tweet. This is the bit that actually appears as your email signature.

Does It Work?

So what’s the point of adding your recent Tweets to your email signature? Does it actually draw attention and get people to click?

TwitFooter provides a tracker inside your account so you can see how many clicks your signature line Tweets receive to help let you know whether this is helping you to gain more followers or not. This can also be a great way to monitor whether particular topics for the Tweets you send out are gaining more attention than others.

Other Applications

Because TwitFooter isn’t using javascript or plugins and the code used only generates an image of your latest Tweets, you can insert that code into a blog post or even into a sidebar if you want. It will automatically update to show your latest Tweet right there too.

Of course, most blogs have widgets for this purpose, but the option is there just the same.

Problem Solving

You may find that not all of your email recipients will be able to see your Twitter feeds in your email signature line. This could be because TwitFooter is currently only compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Anyone of your email recipients using a different browser to access their web mail accounts won’t be able to see your recent Tweets sitting there.

This is a Guest Post By: Lior who is a marketing advisor to 123neonsigns and also works with a company that developed an applicant tracking software.

3 thoughts on “How to Display Recent Tweets Right From Your Email Signature

  1. avatarHamidou

    Thanks for the article! You brilliantly exposed the benefits TwitFooter can bring to companies.
    I would also like to note that TwitFooter works with all browsers and email clients.

  2. avatarErica Bell

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for reading! I encountered the same thing when testing it today and would recommend reaching out to Hamidou over at directly. His contact information can be found on the “about” page.

    – Erica

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