How To “Fonzie” Your Online Marketing Jukebox

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Aaayy! Sometimes your business needs a little magic punch. The Fonz sure knew how to get the music playing in Al’s Diner, in the 70’s show “Happy Days.” Which got me thinking about how some businesses just have the magic “Fonzie” touch; they are able to get conversions with their online marketing efforts without putting a quarter in. For all the others, it takes a bit more trial and error; but when you can nail down your online marketing strategy to work like the jukebox in Al’s you will be profiting with little to no investment.

One of the most important questions to answer is, “what impacts online buying behavior?” As a small business owner, we all know that establishing a strong online presence is important for growth; however, as we try to improve ROI of our marketing efforts, it’s important to understand what tasks impact buying behaviors. Well, according to a study by Forrester Research, email and search marketing PPC have the greatest influence on consumer online buying behaviors.

“Search and email were the most effective tactics in driving sales during the holidays: On average, 39% of hard-goods transactions and 60% of soft-goods transactions arrived to retail websites via email and search:

  • In the hard-goods category, 22% of holiday transactions started with email and 17% started with search.
  • Among buyers of soft-goods, 37% of transactions started with email; 23% started with search.”

How To Improve Your Efforts

If you are looking to get your online marketing jukebox to play the music you want to hear, stick with search and email marketing. Social media is great for driving and building brand awareness, however, it is rarely associated with direct revenue, according to Marketing Profs.

Email Tips

  • Create a clear call to action the subject line “25% off orders over $50 Today”
  • K.I.S.S. -Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.  Don’t try to flood your email marketing efforts with millions of different messages. Keep to a topic an expand upon that niche.
  • Have a targeted landing page. Design your page to cater to the message your email audience received.
  • Give them something to click on! Make your email have a theme. You are competing with hundred of other emails in an inbox, make it relevant, fun and to the point.

Search Marketing and PPC Tips

  • Think from a user perspective, what would a potential customer type in to get to your product?
  • Create a set of keywords that encompass your product. Create a keyword set with a few keywords within each category.
  • Create an actionable headline and relevant landing page.
  • Answer the customers question with your website without having them click. Don’t direct users to your home page, bring them to a product page or sub page that is relevant to your advertisements

So whether you are marketing via search or email, make sure that your efforts are generating a measurable ROI. If not you may want to re-evaluate your Fonzie-ness. Getting your online marketing jukebox to work, takes a bit of knowing what works with your customers mixed with hard knowledge.

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