How To Have A Successful Promotional Giveaway

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promotional giveaways that boost business marketingPlanning a promotional giveaway is a great way to boost your current marketing campaign. This is a smart strategy for gaining better social media attention while keeping your brand at the forefront. There are a variety of opportunities for giveaways, planning it, however, will prove to be the defining factor in whether you are successful or not.

“The SBA reports that nearly half of newly-opened businesses reach their fifth anniversary. The support of customers is vital to reaching any anniversary; this makes it imperative for a business to show appreciation to its customers through celebratory giveaways.” –

Define Your Goals

When getting started it’s critical that you begin by defining your goals for the promotion. Just as an outline keeps your essay or article on track, a plan will allow you to keep within your predetermined lines. With defined goals, you can specifically design a plan to make that happen.

  • What should your outcome be?
  • Do you hope to drive traffic back to your blog, your website or your social media outlets?
  • Should you focus on improving brand image?
  • Will this be an opportunity to reach new customers?

Plan Customer Involvement

The most important aspect of any successful giveaway is customer involvement. This is the time to focus on engagement, giving them a reason to be interested. There are a number of ways to get your customers on the giveaway wagon, from huge discounts to personalized gifts; but these will depend on the goals you’ve set and the nature of the promotion itself.

  • What will you give away? You can give away discounts for various products, gift cards, or actual items. If you are giving away physical items, consider offering a variety or be sure that it’s a product worth signing up for. Small Business Information suggests, “Remember your company image is reflected in whatever you choose to give away.”
  • How will they enter? You can encourage social media engagement with a promotion based around you social sites.
  • What is the goal for the customer? Decide what they have to do to eventually win. Some options might be: Submit the best photo of you with our product or Write the best poem about us and post it on our wall.

Choose Your Start Date

You’ll want to choose the dates in which to run your campaign based on a variety of factors. It’s wise to incorporate a large or important event to draw attention to your business in as many ways as possible.

  • Tradeshows: With an excited crowd, you already have a built in audience. Do a small giveaway as a part of your larger plan to get people talking.
  • Special Events: These offer a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. As a sponsor of a local or national sporting event or festival, you’ll be getting a lot of effective attention.
  • Anniversary: Celebrate your anniversary by thanking your customers. This ties the giveaway closely with your business, shows customer appreciation and increases brand recognition.

Get Promoting

The final piece of your giveaway is promoting it. With social media, this should be a cinch. Simply getting the word out to your customers will be enough to get things started. If you’re offering an item of value, customers will be interested. Make sure to spread the word on every platform available to you.

  • Explain how the giveaway will work – via blog post, Facebook update or tweet.
  • Give details about what they’ll get, so they know what they’re working for.
  • Get customers excited by highlighting those who are “in the lead,” etc.

Take these basic steps into account and get started on your successful brand campaign today! Are there any tips you would include here?

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