How to Keep Focused At Work Around the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time of change and transition as companies prepares for the upcoming New Year. However, behind the veil of the cherry holiday season, employees experience quite a bit of stress. In addition to their work responsibilities, employees also have to balance the tasks of purchasing gifts, managing holiday parties, and preparing for the New Year. Given all of the busy holidays—Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.—it is likely that employees may lose track of a task or two. Therefore, it is important for employers to remind employees about the importance of staying focused at work.

5 Tips for Busy Employees in the Holiday Season

There are a number of tips that an employee can implement in order to stay productive during these busy times:

1. Time Management

A major reason productivity suffers during the holidays is poor time management. This problem is especially affected by the holidays because employees must juggle multiple responsibilities. One way in which individuals address this issue is to create and maintain an updated calendar. By constantly keeping track of your tasks and events, employees can manage time and balance between both their work and their personal schedules.

2. Adjust Goals

Oftentimes people are distracted by the holidays and unable to keep track of their work. In order to account for this problem, employees can set and adjust their goals to address the holiday season. Too many deadlines or goals can cause increased amounts of stress to the employee, exacerbating their work process. By setting realistic objectives, the individual is able to meet their goals and comfortably manage their holiday schedule.

3. Avoid Distractions

There are a number of holiday-related distractions, all of which attempt to drag you away from your work. These distractions can come in the form of holiday cards, online sales, and coworkers’ conversations about vacations and family celebrations. Even without external distractions, the thought of the upcoming holidays can keep an employee occupied for precious minutes or even hours. Some tips that can help employees avoid distractions: take breaks, set schedules, and maintain a steady work process. By staying focused, employees can enjoy their time off knowing that their work is completed and put aside.

4. Plan Ahead

One of the reasons why employees experience a loss of productivity is their lack of adequate planning. Many individuals fail to shop ahead of time or prepare their holiday celebrations in a timely matter; often resulting in frantic final preparations in the office. In other words, it is important to plan ahead and maintain a calendar with personal deadlines and goals.  With the knowledge that personal tasks are completed, employees can comfortably proceed with their work schedule.

5. Take Advantage of Vacation Days

Many employees are taking advantage of the holiday weekend schedule to go on vacations. In fact, the unique placement of holidays this year allows for employees to take a lengthy vacation. For individuals engaging in a much needed break, use the opportunity to relax and physically and mentally prepare for the upcoming busy year.

During the holiday season, employees may find it difficult to keep their multitude of tasks in mind. Juggling between holiday entertaining, gift giving and work schedules, it is easy to see how employees could lose focus. However, by keeping some essential tips in mind, employees can stay productive and finish the year strong.

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