How to Leverage Digital to Nurture Your Prospective Customers

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Engage prospective clients with digital tools.Digital networking equipment has saved companies worldwide up to 50 percent on sales reps’ travel expenses, according to McKinsey & Company. With digital revolutions happening daily, salespeople are able to spend 40 percent more time with customers by using these new forms of technology. (Tweet This Now!)

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Remember What’s at Stake
With a limited budget, small businesses can’t normally afford to send all of their sales associates on the road at all times. New tech can help you in this process. Well, new is a relative term, but virtual consultations with customers can be a cost-effective alternative to face-to-face meetings.

This isn’t the era of Mad Men where a sales or ad rep who leaves the office is cut off completely from his or her colleagues. Remember the digital revolution? Cloud computing has enabled an ever-connected workforce, meaning your sales team can keep in touch with their associates every step of the way during onsite visits.

Make the Most of Digital Networking Technology
On the forefront of the companies leveraging digital and cloud-based technology is SlideShare, which has developed a mobile app for salespeople and is transforming the way businesses can generate leads. An infographic produced by the Content Marketing Institute, Quantcast, comScore and SlideShare highlights the impact this online presentation community can have on brand recognition and lead generation. If you integrate downloadable content into your presentation, you can gather information about who downloaded the content to follow up with them.

And the audience is sizable. The site has 3 billion slide views and 60 million unique visitors each month. Meanwhile, the audience is largely from a business background, with five times more traffic coming from business owners when compared with other popular websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. This presents a real opportunity for B2B marketers and sales reps. According to the Society3 blog, the marketing automation software firm Marketo garnered more than 6,100 lead forms and nearly 120 sales opportunities in nine months.

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Nearly all types of content that your company has previously created to establish itself as a thought leader in your market can be modified to be presented on the site. From this, you can build outbound and inbound links that will help improve your company’s online visibility, especially in terms of search engine optimization. In fact, Mashable emphasized the role SEO has played in putting SlideShares at the top of search ranking through smart use of keywords in presentations. According to Gravitate Online research, Google users click on links that appear on the first page 88 percent more often than those that show up on the second page. In essence, your business has a digital sales rep in the form of this presentation community. If content is well-formed, sales professionals will have an easier time discussing contracts.

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Make Sure Your Sales Reps Have Access to What They Need
What’s more, technology firms are also developing mobile apps that help sales reps keep up with the digital innovations. The company ClearSlide leverages the benefits of cloud computing to allow salespeople to access any manner of marketing materials they need and send them to sales prospects, all with their iOS device. More importantly, sales reps can set up an alert to see if the content has been viewed and how long the prospective client spends looking at it. This type of innovation offers your company an advantage when following up with leads, as your sales team can see beforehand which product or service resonates more than others.

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