How To Make The Most Of Your Fleet Tracking Software

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fleet tracking softwareSimilar to managing in-house employees, you can track and manage your fleet with the right fleet tracking software. However, with so many options available to your business, it’s difficult to know what to look for or decipher what it is that you actually need. While there are a number of options to consider, the GPS capabilities, features and total usability will be of the utmost importance.

GPS Capabilities

What makes your fleet tracking software so beneficial is its ability to accurately track your fleet at all times of the workday. There are a number of benefits to having top of the line GPS capabilities, including making your job significantly easier and unifying the group as a whole.

  • Find the closest driver: Need a quick, last minute delivery? Find your closest driver to get it taken care of right away.
  • Mapping: Some programs offer a feature called clustering – this allows you to look at a map and see where your fleets are located so it’s easy to get drivers together if needed. Locate thousands of trucks, and narrow down your map from there.
  • Route optimization: For newer drivers, you’ll need user-friendly, accurate mapping capabilities. Help them help you by investing in the best route optimization resources.

Included Features

While fleet tracking software maintains the same basic features across the board, some programs go above and beyond, allowing you to get the most for your software investment. According to, “A recent study by Motorola stated that having vehicles equipped with a GPS solution decreased travel downtime by 53% and improved employee accountability by 26%.” Look for the right features to be sure you are getting the most out of your fleet tracking.

  • Reporting: Be sure you can run reports by vehicle and employee. When this is integrated with your mapping features, you’ll be sure to get the full picture.
  • Tracking alerts: If rule-breaking is high on your list of problems, find software that offers tracking alerts. Input your rules and be alerted when/if they’re broken.
  • Sorting employees: Report and track information down to the employee. Sort via hierarchy, location, etc.

Overall Usability

Finally, to make the most of your fleet tracking you want to be sure that everyone, yourself and employees included, can use it quickly and easily. There are a variety of options that will increase the usability, all of which will make your tracking more effective and beneficial.

  • Mobile app: When you can access your tracking reports and information on the go, you can be sure to have an eye on your drivers at all times, regardless of where you are.
  • Online manager: Be sure you have access to a management dashboard. Often you can add admins, which can include those in other management or fleet leader positions.
  • Personalized preferences: The only way to make this software work for you is if you can customize it to your own fleet’s needs, routes, time zones and maps.

If you choose to invest in software for your business, you want to be sure you’re getting all the necessary features. From tracking to communicating, GPS capabilities and the right tools can cut costs, help your drivers, and keep everyone on track.

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