Humpday Recap: Top Stories This Week in Social Media

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We are over the hill, and two more days till the weekend. There has been some exciting news on social media this week. Whether you are trying to brand your business or increase your SEO rank, there is definitely a benefit to engaging on social media. In fact 90% of businesses surveyed agree that social media is important for their business. Here are the top social media stories of the week:

1. Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings [SEOMOZ] “Social Metrics are Well Correlated with Higher Rankings. To me, correlation alone is interesting because I want my sites/pages to be similar to the pages that rank higher in Google, irrespective of whether those traits are directly measured in the algorithm. Pages that earn tweets + Facebook shares also correlate well with earning links, and send direct traffic on their own – ignoring these services at this point seems foolish.”

2. Small Businesses Benefit Most From Social Media, Study Reveals [Social Media Examiner]  Is your small business benefiting from social media? Are you even measuring your social media efforts? Turns out most businesses are benefiting from creating relationship through social media. Major findings: Seventy-seven percent of all marketers plan to increase their use of video in 2011 and ninety percent of those surveyed agreed that social media is important to their business.

3.  Huffington Post Doubles Down on Social Media [Gigaom] “just as it experimented with Foursquare-style “badges” for readers who moderated comments or provided good feedback. And it was one of the first major publishers to implement integration with Facebook Connect and the social network’s “open graph plugins” last year, which showed readers a social dashboard with articles that had been read, shared or commented on by their Facebook friends.”

4. Foursquare Day Sets Record With 3M+ Checkins [Mashable]  April 16th was Foursquare day. Are you a badge member? Well if you are, you shouldn’t feel too special, because 3 million others recieved their Foursquare badges for checking in on Foursquare day.

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