If bin Laden could Communicate, So Can Businesses

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As government officials dissect the treasure trove of data found in the killing of top terrorist Osama bin Laden, word comes that the most wanted man in the world was able to send emails via a thumb drive and courier, evading electronic surveillance for years.

What made the discovery even more amazing was that bin Laden managed to send emails without ever going online.

So if the world’s former number one wanted terrorist could get his message out, what efforts are companies making to spread the word regarding their brand?

With many company’s having cut back on their marketing budgets in recent years due to the sluggish economy, there were missed opportunities aplenty to spread the word about how one’s services trumped the competition.

As important as spreading the word is, listening to what customers are saying in return is just as if not more important. Remember, if you’re doing all the talking, you’re going to miss out on what your customers have to say.

Business owners need to engage themselves in conversations with their customers to see what they’re doing well, and more importantly, what they’re not doing well. With the importance of the Internet in so many people’s lives, the days of face-to-face customer feedback is not nearly as prevalent as it once was.

Social media is a great tool for business owners to employ to obtain a feel for what customers are thinking.

SM allows businesses to better understand what they’re audiences want, permitting the business owner to unveil new products, change current products, improve customer service and more. By using this form of communication, a business owner can prove more responsive, efficient and helpful.

When using social media to communicate with customers, businesses need to remember that SM is not going to deliver  answers overnight. As a business owner builds a network, utilize the real-time feedback one gets.

Business owners are also advised to monitor online chatter, especially when it comes to their own products. Doing so also allows heads of businesses to have a degree of control and repair any issues regarding their products or services sooner rather than later.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and such are great ways to utilize social media for one’s business.

While Osama bin Laden was exporting a product no one would want, he did it rather effectively considering he wasn’t even logged into the Internet.

Just imagine what you as a business owner can do by being more social online.

Image Credit: Marines Image Archive

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