If Your Core Marketing Strength is Writing – Use these Tactics!

Posted by on November 3, 2008 in Marketing [ 1 Comment ]

Do you naturally gravitate towards marketing tactics that involve writing?  If so, take advantage of this core marketing strength in marketing your small business.

When you enjoy doing something and are good at it, then you can do it quicker, easier and with more enjoyment.  Doesn’t that sound great – especially when it comes to marketing?

Below I’ve outlined the most common (and effective) beginner and advanced marketing strategies that you can use if writing is your core marketing strength.

Beginner marketing tactics for writing include:

  • write articles and submit to online submission sites
  • write articles and post to your website
  • have a blog
  • write an ezine
  • write press releases and news releases
  • create autoresponders and email campaigns

Advanced marketing tactics for writing:

  • write articles for industry and association publications (print and online)
  • write ebooks
  • write a book for publication
  • write info products
  • do guest blog posts
    • I do Resource Nation
  • offer articles to strategic alliance partners and affiliates
  • write a column for a newspaper or magazine or an online site
  • write a newsletter
  • write and send out direct marketing pieces

Have I left anything out?  Please let me know (then I can start using it too!).

One thought on “If Your Core Marketing Strength is Writing – Use these Tactics!

  1. avatarKris Bovay

    Great list. I’d add write to your customers; thank you notes, sales letters, updates, surveys. We communicate often in person or by phone, but if you’re a good writer I’d start using that talent!

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