Inc. Magazine’s Nationwide Search for the 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses

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Inc 5000 applicationHere’s a great opportunity for businesses that have grown wildly over the last few years: Inc. Magazine wants your story.  Winners of the Inc. 500|5000 will be featured in future Inc. print and online stories- a great way to gain publicity and recognition for your efforts in growing your company.

“Potential investors pay close attention to the Inc. 500|5000 list, and we received much investor interest over the past several years,” says Doug Fowler, CEO of SpectorSoft, a company named to the list several times four times since 2004.  Adds David Mammano, CEO of Next Step Publishing, named to the list in 2007: “Inc. has done a great job with the Inc. 5000 brand by making it a well-known, credible award known locally and around the world. It’s a nice universal stamp of approval.”

The award not only increases visibility for your business, it can also help feature your local community as a hotspot for growth.  Here are a few benefits winners of past awards have cited:

  • Recognition: Company awards let employees know that their hard work matters
  • Publicity: Along with the magazine feature, your business will be searchable on the Inc. 5000 database, and you’ll be eligible to attend the 2009 winner’s conference.  The Inc. award is recognized by customers, investors, and other businesses as one of the most prestigious for growing companies.
  • Reputation: Many companies cited the boost in applications after winning the award.  National recognition allows you to attract and retain top talent.
  • Community Visibility: Inc. also highlights winning companies by industry and geographic area.  Winning the award can be a great way to highlight your achievements in your own neighborhood.
  • Inspiration: Women-owned and community-based companies are highlighted, allowing your business to serve as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

The mission of the 500|5000 contest is to reward those companies that are helping to jump-start the economy with rapid growth.  Applicants must have begun operations prior to 2005, and have sales revenue of over $2 million for 2008.  The contest deadline is approaching fast on May 22nd so visit the application page here for more details and specific qualifications.

If you are still starting out and don’t qualify yet for this contest, start now and grow your business with online marketing experts.

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