Infographic: The Benefits of New-to-You Office Furniture

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Office furniture“New” is a very relative term.  Getting something brand new is always exciting and at the top of people’s wish list.  But new isn’t always the best fit; sometimes it just needs to be new to you.

Many business owners and managers do not know that they can get refurbished and as-is commercial office furniture from office design and space planning companies.  This may be an optimal choice for many businesses looking to be responsible both financially and environmentally.

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Here are 4 benefits of buying refurbished or as-is commercial office furniture.

It’s Greener

Choosing refurbished commercial office furniture is a green choice and will assist in LEED certifications for office spaces – as well as providing a potential tax break.  It also keeps about 1,000 tons of waste out of landfills.  Businesses are switching many of their systems and processes to be more and more green.  Paper, among other items, is becoming obsolete as business owners and CEOs realize that green not only helps their reputations, but also their bottom lines.

  • Edward E. Lawler, a professor of business at University of Southern California, wrote in Forbes that the businesses that will win out in the long run are the ones that choose to serve society best.
  • Looking into the option of refurbished furniture is one way businesses can serve society, save money and raise their reputation.

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It’s Cheaper

The bottom line of refurbished furniture is that it is less expensive.  New office furniture can cost approximately $3,000-$5,000 dollars per employee or about $15-$30 per square foot.  Refurbished office furniture is going to come in way under budget – and you can still get a lifetime warranty on the product from certain office furniture designers and suppliers.

It’s Faster

Growth is often unpredictable.  There can be a day when it is realized that more office furniture needed to be ordered yesterday.  Refurbished furniture typically has a 3 week lead time, enabling companies to get their hands on furniture much quicker.  New furniture can take months to arrive.  So, if you are on a time crunch, going the refurbished or as-is office furniture route might just be the answer you were looking for.

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It’s Customizable

You are not going to reduce the customizable options or design choices available to you if you decide to go with refurbished office furniture.  There are still a great many styles and options to choose from in the as-is world.

  • Business owners and managers will be able to match or complement the business’ existing furniture and still have access to dozens of fabrics and colors.

New is nice, but often going refurbished or as-is can help support the bottom line or assist in meeting a budget. From modern office cubicles with low glass walls, to collaborative bench desk workspaces, to the traditional and formal office space, the options in office design and space planning are endless. Refurbished or as-is furniture can be a great option and an asset to many businesses.

Buying Refurbished Office Furniture

Bio: Stephanie Drescher is a professional blogger for Facilitec, the company that has been providing product, project management and design since 1983; giving their clients workspace solutions for their environments. 

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