Internet Marketing – The Process of Working with the SMB

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The internet marketing industry is still very young and evolving rapidly.  Small business owners don’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends and tactics, especially in regards to seo, ppc and social media.  The result is that professionals in the field hold the responsibility to educate, inform and lead their clients in a direction that provides the best opportunity for success.

The process of guiding the client in the right direction has a few required steps.

1. Do your due diligence in regards to the client, the industry and their competition.

2. Listen to the business owner and try to get a sense of what it’s like to be in their shoes.

3. Re-evaluate your understanding of what makes the business tick based off of your learnings.

4. Educate.

5. Strategize the best course of action.  Does the client need SEO, PPC, both, etc?  Will social media work?  What budget is required?

6. Implement campaigns.

7. Show the value of your hard work to the client (preferably with success metrics 😉

8. Re-evaluate the direction of campaigns based off of measurements.

9. Re-educate.

10. Course correct and repeat steps 7 – 10.

Notice the theme of re-evaluting.  We all have a tendency to hold on to our preconceived notions, but forcing ourselves to take a step back often will improve perspective.  This holds true both as we understand our clients’ businesses better and as we practice what we preach by adapting to the ever changing world of internet marketing.

In the end, the client should know their business best.  But does their understanding correlate to the ever changing online world?  My advice is to simply be up front and clear.  Don’t be afraid to say “I disagree.  In my experience this technique would work best online” and explain why.  It takes a rare breed to push back on someone who writes your check, but that is one of the differences between constantly finding new business or making the relationships you have last.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing – The Process of Working with the SMB

  1. avatarMartin

    Search engine marketing tips are the best means to make an effective online presence. These tips perfectly signify dos and don’ts of website optimization so that you may maximize your online promotion efforts. Businesses that are not getting desired results even after spending a lot of money and resources on online publicity, can take help of search engine marketing tips.

  2. avatarAdrian

    I think managing client expectations also is a huge part of the process as well. As we are experts in the industry we should be able to project how a SEO, PPC, or Social Media campaign should perform and when the ROI will meet certain goals. Equally important is to manage deadlines, client communications and meetings, payments, approval process (of ads, ad copy, targeting, brnad message, content) etc so that they understand the process of working with an SEM company and what they gain from such a relationship.

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