iPad Apps That Help Your Business

Posted by on November 8, 2010 in Business Technology [ 2 Comments ]

ipad-app-storeSo you’ve got an iPad, but you are finding it overwhelming to find the best apps with so many in the marketplace. The iPad can really be an integral tool to help you access files and disseminate information. Here are the top business apps that we have selected for your iPad.

GoodReader -This app costs $.99 and allows you to open up virtually any file that you can read. It supports Text, Pdf, Word, Web, PowerPoint files and more. It is very easy to use and we love the ability to annotate files with sticky notes

Keynote -Keynote is a presentation app that is as beautifully designed, as it is fun to use. With a few taps you will be viewing, creating, and editing presentations. It allows you to organize charts and add animations to your PowerPoints. Perfect for adding that last minute touch to your presentation or creating one from scratch.

Idea Boards Are you somebody who is always thinking of new ideas? Idea Boards allows you to quickly jot down some of your genius thoughts before they escape forever. For $1.99 you will have access to a whiteboard, graph paper, chalkboard and legal pad. A convenient way to keep track of your ideas.

The Wall Street Journal This free app provides you with the news from around the world. A leading provider of business news, The Wall Street Journal app comes standard with full color photos and easy to read text. Having this app on your iPad will save you some money, and is much more convenient than struggling to open your newspaper in the wind.

Skype Whether you are traveling internationally or just searching for a cheaper calling solution, Skype is a crucial business app. The Skype app allows you to make and receive calls on your iPad, to other Skype members. You can make calls over your 3G networks and can save you money on international calling.

Desktop Connect Left a file at home? This app allows you to find and access documents you left at home. The app is especially convenient for traveling because it allows a convenient solution to access your work files while away from the computer. This app runs $14.99 but for the avid traveler or forgetful businessman it may be worth a purchase.

TweetDeck Allows your company to update status’s, view news, direct message and view @mentions. This app is the most comprehensive Twitter client on the market, and best of all it’s free! Your social media efforts will not suffer while you are away from your computer because TweetDeck on your iPad is so fun to use you will be constantly keeping people updated.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Apps That Help Your Business

  1. avatarDan Sathersly

    One app that I found really helpful for my business is Notebook ( http://www.circusponies.com ). Notebook looks just like a paper notebook and lets you take notes while it records the speaker, so you have an audio record of the meeting (great!). I use it to organize client information and keep track of notes, PDFs, emails, proposals, everything. It’s really great having it all portable and organized on my iPad. Definitely an app worth checking out!

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