Is it Comic that so Many People Descend on Comic-Con?

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For those of us that call San Diego home, we are under siege through the weekend.

No, it is not some military attack or some spread of killer bees. No, it is not even the big earthquake that scientists have been forecasting for California for decades.

As it stands, we are under siege for lack of a better term from thousands and thousands of geeks. Yes, you heard me, geeks! It is none other than Comic-Con time once again in San Diego.

Marketing 101

These geeks that I speak of come from near and far, taking part in what has grown and been marketed from a small gathering back in the 1970s to a worldwide phenomenon today.

As far as they are concerned, San Diego is theirs through the weekend. You will see and hear them on television, read their tweets and shares on social media sites, and run into them if you are anywhere near San Diego Convention Center.

Many of these individuals have taken time off of work, pocketed savings that were to go towards books and clothing for the coming school year, and even scheduled their vacations around San Diego this time of year.

Now hear me out….I do not fear these individuals, well, at least not from a physical stand point. What does scare me to a degree is seeing some 50-year-old businessman dressed up like Captain America.

A Good Weekend for the Beach

As of this writing on Friday, I have sworn to myself that I will get nowhere near San Diego Convention Center over the next 72 hours for fear of being caught up in this whirlwind of activity.

The San Diego Padres are lucky; they have an out-of-town series this weekend in my hometown of Philadelphia.  There are probably other San Diegans who would rather stomach the heat and humidity of the East Coast too to escape these individuals who have descended on America’s Finest City.

From a business stand point, San Diego eateries, hotels and others are jumping with excitement. According to an estimate ahead of last year’s show, the San Diego Convention Center Corp. projected the city would see an economic payday of some $163 million from the event. Yes, geeks can and do spend money.

So whether visitors are checking out premieres of Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, or Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, visiting with some of their favorite directors, actors and actresses, or just actually doing something novel like buying comic books, they are here to have fun.

Now mind you, I am and have been a professional wrestling nerd for more than 30 years, so who am I to chastise these people who have descended upon my city?

I actually welcome them with open arms, hope they spend a lot of money (so we have some extra revenue to fix the local roads, etc.), hope they have a great time, and return safely home (please do not stop and pick up any apartment applications on your way out).

San Diego is a city that welcomes millions of visitors each year, even the geeks!

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