Is it Time to Reboot Your CRM Software?

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CRM and Sales SoftwareCRM technology is essential for forming lasting relationships with your customers and keeping track of your sales history and information.

If you aren’t satisfied with your CRM software, there could be a few reasons as to why it isn’t functioning properly.

Usually it is because of one of two reasons: your system is outdated and needs an upgrade, or your CRM processes are not being performed correctly and the tools are not being used to their full potential.

Before investing a lot of time and money in new software or hiring a professional team of auditors right off the bat, be sure to assess your problems to make sure it’s the right time to audit your system.

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Properly Assess Your Software

When deciding whether or not it is time for a CRM system adjustment, you should first assess your software to get a clear understanding of how it is functioning. Keeping track of these key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you pinpoint your issues:

  • Customers in CRM and their portfolios
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales achieved because of CRM
  • Average lead closure rate
  • Average length of relationship with customers
  • Frequency of customer data updates

Once you have a firm record of each of these indicators, begin to ask yourself some essential questions about your business and its customers.

  • Is our CRM helping us be closer with our customers, and are we able to tailor our service to each of them?
  • Are we taking advantage of our resources by anticipating customer requirements for tomorrow and cross-selling and up-selling?
  • Are we able to identify and resolve exceptions, and are we making better numbers?

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When to Upgrade Tools

Sometimes you’ll find that the problem with your CRM software is that the tools are simply outdated and cannot accommodate your company’s growth. If your business hopes to keep up with the competition, be sure that your customer relationship management software isn’t keeping you in the dark ages. Your software needs an upgrade if:

  • You can’t incorporate social media to reach out to or keep track of customers
  • You are putting off initiatives because the software can’t support them
  • It doesn’t offer intelligence or analytics
  • It doesn’t integrate with other business software systems like email or finance
  • It’s not customizable to fit your company’s needs.

Problems with Processes

However, other times you’ll find that the CRM software tools themselves don’t have anything inherently wrong with them, but rather your problems stem from improper use and processes rather than the tool itself.

  • If you find your sales teams isn’t using the software correctly, and are relying more on their own sales techniques rather than systematic ones, this could be mistaken for software issues.
  •  Properly train new employees to be sure your team is using the CRM software to its fullest potential (for example supplementing sales with CRM).

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DIY Audits VS Professional

When looking to audit your CRM software, you can choose to take one of two routes: performing DIY maintenance or hiring a professional for a complete audit. Each option has their benefits and drawbacks- but mainly, performing DIY audit operations is usually the most cost-effective method. As long as you are sure that your existing software does not need to be replaced, but simply adjusted. However, a professional auditing team will be able to provide you with a much more comprehensive view of your CRM’s issues and are more likely to give you an accurate diagnosis.

It’s important that your CRM software provides you with the tools your company needs to meet industry standards of customer satisfaction. The CRM system you are using should be fast, efficient, and relatively easy to use. If you have invested a large sum of money in your CRM and you are still not satisfied with it, examine its shortcomings closely to get a better understanding of what type of auditing process will be necessary.

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