Is Moving to the Cloud Really a Good Idea?

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small business technologyWhile there are definitely some perks with outsourcing some of your business operations and systems to cloud-based providers, is doing so really a good idea? Some growing small businesses have discovered that moving things to the cloud ends up costing their business more than those same things would if they were brought in house. While using a cloud-based software or servers by cloud computing providers may seem like a good idea, this isn’t always the case. Here are a few indicators that the cloud isn’t the best option for your business.

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Your Business is Scaling Quickly

If your business started out as a lean operation, but has now grown to larger size, you could end up spending more on cloud computing than you would if things were brought in house. Within IT departments, shared or public clouds tend to become more expensive over time when a business reaches a certain scale. If your business isn’t growing quickly or the cloud-solution can scale at a rate and price that’s reasonable for your business, you may want to stick with that system until a switch is an absolute must.

Your Business Needs More Power

While the cloud may be a great option for lean startups and public users, businesses that need more power from their providers may find that purchasing and maintaining physical machines is a more cost-effective option than outsourcing to the cloud. Businesses on a budget often find the cloud’s flexibility and multitude of options available appealing, but as soon as things get up and running, it’s important to do a cost analysis to decide whether or not cloud computing is still the most budget-friendly business decision.

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You Have a Consistent Workload

One of the main incentives for small businesses that use cloud-based solutions is its flexibility. With many cloud computing services, you can expand and minimize your use so that you only pay for what you need at a given point in time. When your business’s workload becomes consistently heavy, it could make more sense for you to bring all your cloud processes in-house. Do research into whether or not an in-house server system will support your workload at a lower, or higher, cost than cloud systems before you make a decision for one or the other.

You Need Consistency

One common complaint from customers using cloud-based solutions is a slow in performance from machines. When many other companies are sharing the same resources that your business is using, the performance you and your customers expect could be hindered. Databases and other systems that require consistently high performance from their hardware could find that an in-house solution is worth the investment. However, if convenience is more important, than sticking with the cloud could prove the best option. Just be sure you have a backup plan for downtimes or slowed performance.

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Just because the cloud may be a fit for some doesn’t mean it is a fit for your business. It also doesn’t mean everything should be brought in-house. If you’re reaching a point where the performance or price of a cloud-system isn’t meeting your business needs, take a look at your options to determine what the most cost-effective option for your business is.

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2 thoughts on “Is Moving to the Cloud Really a Good Idea?

  1. avatarAlleli

    It may be for some; it actually depends. I must agree that cloud computing is one of the best innovations ever done for businesses today. Even outsourcing companies benefit from it!

  2. avatarVanessa D.

    Of course moving to the cloud can be a scary decision, but it is no longer a choice, especially for businesses nowadays with data growing and growing day after day and making it hard for business owners to keep track of and make sure it does not get lost, damaged or worse fallen into the wrong hands. Being a business owner myself I’m glad I’ve made that move and chosen a provider that serves my purposes very well with an affordable plan.

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