Is the iPad a Crucial Business Gadget?

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iPadOn its April 2010 conception; Apple’s iPad was initially marketed as a consumer device. It was a tool to play games and enjoy media, expanding the visual boundaries of the iPod Touch. As Apple’s iPhone app support grew towards the iPad, more and more businesses are now finding the iPad a crucial element of their day-to-day business.

I think the question that many business owners are asking is; how does a tablet fit in to my life? If you do decide that a tablet will help improve your efficiency, which tablet to choose? It may seem peculiar using the same tablet that your kids use to play Angry Birds, but Apple is leveraging their App Store as a competency over other competing tablets. The iPad App Store allows Apple to expand its market potential with businesses by offering a greater breadth of apps.

iPad owners have a plethora of business apps (over 900) at their disposal but VoIP phone meetings could provide the biggest selling point to tablets. Apps like Fuze Meeting provide almost all the capabilities of a remote meeting plus more. John Paul Titlow of Read Write Web says “It works with Keynote presentations, supports instant messaging and integrates with Dropbox for access to files hosted in the cloud.”

The appeal of the iPad to business owners is that it allows them to access basic files quickly and effectively. Apps are definitely a crucial component for the iPad’s success, but its also convenient having a notebook-like device to keep in touch with the outside world. There is a lot of scuttlebutt about the iPad’s effect on the declining laptop sales however, the iPad isn’t a substitution, it’s a complement to notebooks.

Don’t run out to the Apple store quite yet, if you are more of a Blackberry fan; Blackberry is expected to announce its version of the iPad this week. The Blackberry tablet will undoubtedly be geared towards business professionals and may include improved functionality for PC users.

The iPad and other tablets will carve out their niche for business owners on the go. Tablets will not threaten notebooks, but they will offer business owners and employees refreshing functionality.

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