Is Your Business Coming Face-to-Face with Facebook?

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To some companies, social networking tools such as Facebook are a valuable means for their employees to spread the word about the company. To others, such sites prove no value and never see the light of day in the workplace.

By the time you finish reading this copy, you’ll likely come away with two relevant pieces of information:

  • Businesses should not restrict employee access to such sites as Facebook; simply monitor them to be sure they serve a useful purpose in the work day.
  • Businesses should use online networking tools like Facebook to reach out to potential customers, especially given the free advertising such sites offer.

Allow and Monitor

According to a recent report analyzing some 30,000 Facebook walls from the company’s monitoring service Reppler, 47 percent of (Reppler) users have profanity on their Facebook Wall.

Can you now see bosses across America hitting the “no access” button on office computers when employees try and log onto Facebook and other such sites? Or are they giving their employees the benefit of the doubt that they will use common sense when using the site and not put themselves or their companies in a bad light?

According to Reppler, the “prevalence of profanity on Facebook walls is an increasingly important issue as a user’s Facebook profile comes under closer scrutiny, particularly by employers as they screen job applicants.”

While managers should be concerned about the possibility of derogatory comments posted on Facebook coming back to haunt their companies, in some instances potentially damaging the company’s reputation, there’s also an upside to employees having access to such media tools. Employees can use a site such as Facebook to spread the word about what their employer is doing, therefore leading to more publicity for the company. What better way to get free advertising and promote the company?

Reach Out to Potential Customers

Having a social media presence has become more important for many companies today, especially when it comes to engaging potentially younger consumers who are likely more Internet savvy than their older counterparts, and may be inclined to spend money.

Given the challenging economy in recent years, many companies have cut back on their advertising efforts in order to save money.

With that being the case, word-of-mouth advertising has been a great way for companies to save money on one end, and add revenue on another. For many small business owners, if a customer comes to them and has a positive experience, they are more apt to spread the word on social networking sites like a Facebook.

If your company has been pondering using a tool like Facebook or has an account but does not regularly maintain it, ask yourself what purpose it could/can serve you.

Are you looking to promote your brand or service and want both the good and bad that come by using such a site?

If the answer is no, then don’t create a company account or deactivate it and also prohibit your employees from using sites like Facebook.

If the answer is yes, then continuously update your official company Facebook page with worthwhile content and promote it to the hilt. Also, encourage your employees to use their own Facebook pages to promote the business with links back to the company page.

Come face-to-face with the social media frenzy that is the world we navigate in today and encourage your employees to use it responsibly.

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