Is Your Business on Track to Know Where Employees Are?

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If your business employs company vehicles and you ever wonder what your employees are up to when behind the wheel, have you thought about driving off with GPS (Global Position System) software?

With more companies tracking their dollars, GPS technology has found its way into more businesses, much to the chagrin of some employees. As for those employees who question it, relax, the boss is simply accounting for his or her dollars and not doing anything illegal.

Determining GPS Needs and Funding

For those business owners contemplating getting GPS technology for their fleet of cars or trucks, take some time to determine what exactly your needs are before spending the money.

In the event you have a minimal fleet of vehicles and they will be used only on occasion, the money spent on GPS software may be better spent elsewhere. If you have a larger fleet and a sizable group of employees will be deployed on the road, then the software could certainly pay dividends over time.

There are two GPS devices for consideration – connected and disconnected.

Connected transmits a signal that can be followed via an authorized user in real-time. Disconnected devices keeps the information which can then be reviewed when back in the office. To date, connected devices have proven more popular among business owners because they can respond faster to the data relayed back to them.

As for paying for GPS technology that decision will likely revolve around how much money is available for the initial investment. Smaller-sized GPS providers can make available financing to help employers; however it may involve your company dealing with a third-party bank or leasing company.

When it comes to utilizing the software, a number of vendors will provide employers with software that requires loading via office computers, while others have available a web-based portal that can be accessed through an office computer. When using an Internet-based portal, there are generally less issues, especially in cases of wanting to watch cars or trucks when not physically in the office.

There are a couple of tracking issues that employers will want to follow, including: Is the employee using the vehicle during non-working hours? Has the employee misused the vehicle i.e. speeding or damaged it?

For business owners who fear that GPS will be too expensive a proposition, keep in mind that there are insurance savings possible when employing GPS software. Given that insurance companies do not want to see company vehicles damaged and/or misused, they in many cases will offer discounts which in turn lower the company’s premiums.

If your business is contemplating GPS software for your vehicles, you are best advised to do your research, get several quotes and seek referrals from others that currently employ them.

Tracking employees using company vehicles is not an invasion of privacy; it is a prudent tactic to employ as more and more companies look to get the most on their investments – their workers.

This article was written by Dave Thomas, writer for Resource Nation.

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