Is Your Business Ready For the Cloud?

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Apple’s iCloud is making a name for cloud technology as of late. The cloud-based system allows users to store music, photos and documents on Microsoft data centers, giving people access of their files from any computer anywhere with Internet connection. Cloud technology is a form of computing where all, or a portion of all computing technologies are moved to a hosted server. As businesses prep to become more flexible in changing economic environments, cloud technology poses great opportunity.

It’s interesting to see a single company boosting exposure for an entire industry, we saw it with Skype and VoIP; time will tell if Apple can give cloud technology the exposure it deserves. According to IDC, “public cloud computing services will be a $72.9 billion market in 2015, up from $21.5 billion in 2010.” Future growth remains inevitable but why would your business embrace the cloud?

Lower Costs

68% of businesses are looking to cloud to lower hardware costs alone. With this being said, how much can your business gain by implementing cloud based infrastructure? Are you prepped for growth? Does your business see additional rack servers and on-site storage a hindrance to growth? According to IT Pro, “SMBs are expected to move to the cloud and virtualized infrastructure in 2011-12 to boost their revenue growth. Market studies show that mobility and mobile technologies will also be very important to the SMB.” There are numerous capabilities with the cloud, including added flexibility.


Businesses are looking to improve functionality amongst its workers while decreasing costs. Hosting centralized servers and applications on the cloud is a perfect way for businesses to do this. A Sanhill study, found 50% of respondents cited business agility as their primary reason for adopting cloud applications.

Software as a Service
The most popular form of cloud computing, thanks to Salesforce. This service allows clients and vendors to interact on a common hosted platform with no upfront client investment.

Platform based cloud computing services work by your business building its own application and hosting it on another cloud engine. Platform based cloud technology is very flexible and allows for businesses to integrated custom features and enhancements

Getting prepped for  cloud based adoption isn’t the easiest decision. There needs to a lot of research and price comparisons. When you are shopping around for cloud based solutions, be sure to check out IT consulting services price quotes.

One thought on “Is Your Business Ready For the Cloud?

  1. avatarBarry Donegan

    The cloud will eventually make hard drives obsolete. It just doesn’t make sense to pay individually for storage when we can do so as a society collectively via the cloud. The only obstacle to this is last-mile wireless coverage and bandwidth, both of which will improve over time. Long live the cloud!

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