Is Your Call Center Keeping up with New Trends?

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call center trendsMost business owners know that building customer loyalty is the key to having a successful business. To achieve this feat however, businesses must improve upon customer satisfaction and engagement, among other things.

We now have many means of customer interaction; from phone calls to social media inquiries and customers are raising their expectations of for more direct, intelligent interaction and easier, customized communication.

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With new gadgets, applications and services being created all the time, customers continue to expect more out of every business and service they spend their money on.

Many companies are working hard to keep up with these trends, and those that are not will quickly fall behind. The good news is that there are several solutions and ideas that can help you keep up with these trends for improving customer experience.

Detailed Data Recording Technology

Use new technologies to keep track of and analyze company data. In order to know what processes need to be changed, companies must establish a deeper knowledge about their history, including how they interact with customers.

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This requires companies to record detailed preferences of every interaction including habits, complaints and problems. Keeping detailed data can give you useful insights into what customers want and expect. It can also help you discover the most efficient and effective solutions and tools to use to reach these expectations.

Integration & cloud offerings

If you’re not using the cloud yet, it’s only a matter of time. This trend allows your company to align interactions, applications and more to create a seamless operation overall. Consider utilizing cloud access to more accurately handle customer interactions and monitor quality within your business.

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Social Media

Temkin Group reports that more than half of consumers under the age of 45 use Facebook every day while about one-fifth of consumers under 35 uses Twitter daily. It’s clear that social media is not just a means of entertainment but rather a tool to be used to communicate with consumers and increase customer interactions.

Consumers now utilize social media to not only communicate questions or concerns to companies, but share their experiences, as well.  If your customer received great service, thousands of people can know about this interaction in minutes.

Mobile Offerings

Temkin group also reported that about one-third of consumers use some sort of mobile application every day. Today more consumers communicate via their cellular device than home phones. Companies can take advantage of this by supporting the needs of their customers through mobile applications.

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Consumers enjoy the convenience of mobile apps and are more likely to engage with companies that have mobile technology readily available for them. From mobile payment options to text message reminders, the possibilities are endless.

Contact Interaction Platforms

Customers now expect to be contacted through a variety of platforms which can be more efficient and convenient for them and you. Invest in contact interaction platforms and contact centers that utilize new contact media options such as instant messaging devices and social media. Consider using workforce optimization tools, as well. These allow you to identify opportunities for improving procedures and proactively guide the customer contact process.

Overall, customer experience does make all the difference. Forrester Research found that companies who offer top of the line customer experience find that their customers are 14.4% more likely to purchase, and 16.6% more likely to recommend. In other words, if you have not begun to research how your company can utilize new technology to improve the customer experience, now is the time!

Bio: Justin Garvin writes on behalf of Aspect Software.  Aspect provides next-generation call center technology, enterprise workforce optimization and Microsoft solutions for your contact center to help build & sustain customer relationships. Get more information about Aspect and their call center software and solutions at and follow them on Aspect’s Twitter Page for up-to-date information! 

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