Is your Marketing Mindset Helping or Hurting You?

Posted by on August 11, 2008 in Business Management, Marketing [ 0 Comments ]

Your mindset, or attitude, towards marketing has a direct impact on:

  • your satisfaction with your business
  • the number of clients you find and keep
  • the quality and quantity of the products and services you offer
  • your sales – your bottom line
  • how fast your products “fly off the shelf”
  • how prospective customers and current clients view you, your business and your products and services
  • whether you meet your sales targets and objectives
  • your personal growth and lifestyle
  • your opportunities for having affiliate and joint venture partners
  • how fast you grow and your company grows

This list could actually go on and on because marketing is really the lifeblood of your business and anything you do connected with your business. You can even go as far as to say that marketing is actually what you do – you’re not a chiropractor or a caterer or a virtual assistant, you are really a marketer.

So how you view marketing – your marketing mindset – is key to how you actually market.

Like anything in life, your attitude shapes your actions and therefore affects your results.

If you have a negative attitude towards marketing, it will drastically impede your ability to attract and retain clients, and ultimately make money.

There is a chain reaction that occurs:

…if you have a negative attitude toward marketing, chances are you will market poorly or not at all

…if you don’t market, people won’t know about you, your products or services

…if they’ve never heard about you, you can’t sell them your services

…if you’re not selling anything, your business isn’t going to be successful

…if your business doesn’t succeed, where does that leave you?

You need to have a positive attitude towards marketing, or at the very least you must have a willingness to market yourself and your business.

With willingness you’ll start marketing and from there you will gain confidence and comfort in marketing, and by being able to see positive results, such as recognition, money, the phone ringing, people signing up for your newsletter, etc.

You’ll move from willingness to actually wanting to market and maybe, just maybe, even enjoying marketing!

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