Is Your Marketing Pushing or Pulling People?

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I was talking to a client the other day about the difference between push and pull marketing and why you want to use pull marketing.

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Briefly, “push” marketing is as is sounds – you’re pushing the prospect or client into buying your product or service. Your marketing communications are all about what your product and your service can do for them and why they should buy now, purchase now, get it on sale now, talk to you now.

“Pull” marketing is more about drawing people towards your business. Prospects and clients come to you instead of you chasing them. They want to contact you and find out more, get more, buy more.

What makes the difference between each of these two types of marketing comes down to relationship. With push(y) marketing it’s a very one-sided relationship, while pull marketing is a two-way street of sharing information and having communications back and forth.

The means to start and foster a relationship between your small business and your prospects and clients centers around value. When you go out of your way to provide value to people you are viewed with trust, credibility, authenticity and as an expert.

All of these traits are necessary for a prosperous relationship between you and your customers. As well, it will help ensure that people come back again and again – because they’re getting something, not just always giving something (their time, their money, their attention).

The value I’m talking about is not offering 2-for-1 sales and giving away something gimmicky. It’s about becoming a valuable source of information and knowledge who helps prospects and clients be better, feel better, use your products and services better, keep growing and learning, and so on.

Businesses and companies that build their marketing around constantly and consistently providing value to everyone who comes in contact with them will enjoy constant and consistent profitable relationships with their clients and customers.

It’s pretty well that simple!

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