Job Hunting Tactics

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Currently around 15 million or 10% of the American workforce is unemployed and economists don’t suspect a recovery anytime soon. Alisa Weinstein, a business executive and entrepreneur, detailed some progressive steps which job seekers should employ to find a job in these tough economic times.

Weinstein’s first pointer for American’s looking for a job is narrow your search.  Weinstein asserts that submitting job applications should be like dating- don’t just throw yourself out there or you can come off desperate. By narrowing your application submissions, you can spend more time on individual applications, tailoring them to the jobs which you really want.

The second tip Weinstein suggests for Americans is something called tailored to fit – meaning tailor your resume to your desired job. Research the company and highlight characteristics of the job description they described. Your qualifications on your resume should stand out, and serve to the job which you are applying for.

The third tip she provides to acquiring a job is no means maybe. This economy is all about persistence, jobs do not come easy. Americans cannot be discouraged every time they don’t get a job off an interview. What happened in the past has already came and gone and all you can do is move forward with the job process. Take each rejection as motivation to be better next time. Use each interview as a learning revision process, was your resume tailored to the company and up to par with their requirements? How were your interviewing skills? Both of which could have been where another competitor one upped you, and got the job.

Assuring your interview skills requires practice and implementation at the time of the interview which Weinstein refers to as practice your pitch. Job seekers in essence need to be able to sell themselves to an employer. This can be done by knowing why you should be hired for the job, what makes you different from other prospects, and what you can bring to the company.

An effective way for prospective employees to sell themselves for a job can be practiced by utilizing your elevator pitch- a 30 second pitch about yourself which you detail exactly why you should be hired for the job. Weinstein says imagine you’re riding an elevator where the CEO of the company comes onto the elevator with you, how would you in a short elevator ride convince him to hire you?

Weinstein’s most important tip in this economy is to never give up. If getting a job is important, make it your priority and even with rejection keep your eyes on the prize.  Figure out strategic ways to make connections and showcase your qualities.

The job hunting tips provided by Weinstein guideline a strategic approach to finding a job which suits you, but ultimately the time you put in and how creative you can get will separate you from the rest of the hungry job seekers. Be your own representative and try to employ different tactics to job searching. Economists unfortunately don’t speculate a hype in jobs for Americans anytime soon so being as prepared as you can with what qualifications you have and employing Weinstein’s strategies can possibly give you the edge you need.

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