Keeping Shared Devices Germ Free

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When bundling up and getting enough rest doesn’t keep you flu free this winter, there may be something else that can.  It is a common notion washing items keeps them clean, technology more often than not is unable to be washed, which results in vast accumulations of germs.  According to

“Tests around the world have proven that keyboards have a higher level of harmful dirt than public toilets and often store tremendous amounts of waste (such as hair, dead skin, food and dust)! A dirty and often contaminated keyboard, the remains of toner in the printer and other dirty objects can harm your health and seriously compromise the performance of your electronic devices.”

Here are some of the newer products and ideas out there to help you and your employees clean up germs on your favorite devices:

  • Green Onion Supply is a company who sells protective laptop covers which they call ‘caps’ for Apple Products. According to their website their laptop keyboard cover contains:“A specialized silver-ion antimicrobial agent is added to the TPU film, and this agent kills bacteria, algae, and fungi on the Protectors, enhancing their longevity and keeping them cleaner. They’re the perfect accessory for clinics, hospitals, offices, homes, or anywhere else you bring your computer.”

    This keyboard cover will adequately protect your computer from bacteria, dust, hair, liquid spills, and many other similar occurrences.  The shower cap by Green Onion Supply can be purchased at participating retailers and on Amazon and began at $6.00.

  • Cyber Clean is another such company working to keep gadgets clean for customers. Cyber Clean is an inventive Play Doh like product which is placed onto the device that needs to be cleaned like your credit card processing machine or phone device. Cyber Clean’s product more than adequately is able to grab dust, hair, germs, dirt and other harmful bacteria’s due to its “perfect combination of viscosity elasticity.”  The texture not only cleans up the surface of devices but can squeeze into cavities beneath the surface to grab bacterials as well.
  • While products such as CyberClean are providing new innovations to keep technologies clean, Seal Shield is one company taking cleanliness one step further.  Seal Shield is the first company to offer dishwasher safe gadgets for your office. So far they have invented a keyboard, mouse, cell phone, and a remote control all able to be germ eradicated by being dish washer friendly. To protect their products from germs in between washes Seal Shield also adds silver ions to the plastic of their products which resist anti microbial germs and the growth of odor causing bacteria’s. Seal Shield’s inventive products were named CES’s Top 5 Gadgets of 2009.

These and other products are the first of their kind as a means of infection control by attacking germs in settings people rarely register as germ containers. So keep a look at for other products like these and keep your employee out of office at a low and everyone happy and healthy.

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