Killer Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

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You see it everywhere, but probably didn’t know it had a name. Not only is it entertaining, usually humorous, witty and often times innovative, it is a great resource to maximize attention to a particular product, service or organization by offering shock value and edge. In fact, it can be one of the most effective marketing methods available. What is it? Guerrilla Marketing.

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Guerrilla marketing is all about getting the maximum attention of the public by using minimal resources. Usually unusual and unpredictable, guerrilla marketing techniques break traditional marketing rules, cross boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, and even come close to breaking the law.

We must appreciate guerrilla marketing and the force it has to drive business and attract attention. If you have the right creative brains in place and understand the market you are trying to reach, guerrilla marketing can be very cost-effective, entertaining and drive eyeballs and sales to your business. Smart companies take their guerrilla marketing tactics to the streets…or bathrooms, or Rugby fields, or escalators.

A few of my favorite guerilla marketing campaigns:

1.  HBO

HBO advertised their hit show The Sopranos while playing on the crime theme of the show. This marketing campaign definitely broke traditional marketing rules and was effective in attracting a lot of attention. It is a great example of the shock value that often accompanies guerrilla marketing tactics.

2.  Cingular

With this giant, hard-to-miss, unconventional ad, Cingular effectively attracts onlookers from the ground, from the air, from offices across the way, from a distance, and more.

3.  American Airlines

American Airlines highlights its airport wifi network in this edgy ad. With many people utilizing the Internet at the airport gates, this ad effectively relates to the vast majority of airline passengers. As a bonus, the ad also unintentionally advertises Google.

4.  Spiderman

How about this irregular ad for one of the Spiderman movies. It definitely drew attention, but let’s hope patrons didn’t actually attempt to “use” the ad.

5.  Sonic

Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurants marketed with magnetic cups that adhered to patron’s cars. It would seem as though the driver forgot to remove his/her drink from the drink’s temporary resting place on the car. Meanwhile, Sonic’s logo was pasted all over highways, roads, and parking lots. The campaign was funny and effective.

6.  Virgin

This marketing method employed by Virgin Atlantic Airlines’ is a favorite of mine. They employ the perfect combination of funny, cute and originality to create buzz about their airline company.

7.  Other

Taking advantage of pre-existing everyday features is a cost-effective way to market. Here, various companies utilize escalators as the medium for their advertisements.

8.  And finally, what NOT TO DO.

In August 2002, two men went streaking at an International Rugby game with a mobile telephone company’s corporate logo painted on their backs. While the campaign was successful because it drew an immense amount of attention from consumers, it landed both the two men and the phone company in legal trouble. This boundary-crossing technique reminds us to beware of legal ramifications when partaking in guerrilla marketing.

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