6 Landing Page Secrets Used by Leading Ecommerce Pros

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landing page secretsThe perfect landing page on your website can make all the difference between potential customers bouncing back to the search results page or clicking through. In other words, putting some extra thought into your landing pages can bring in more money.

Experts at InboundMarketingAgents.com confirm, “Companies with 30+ landing pages generate 7X more leads than those with fewer than 10.” (Tweet this stat!)

We’ve taken a look at some of the world’s leading ecommerce websites and found some common tricks they use to boost their online sales conversions. Here we outline how small business owners and entrepreneurs can utilise these landing page secrets used by sales giants to boost their own online conversions.

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1. Show Relevance with Headlines

Even the ideal landing page will suffer if visitors can’t find the answers they seek. Headings and page titles must show potential customers that they have reached the right place. Many great headlines follow one of these formulas:

  • A promise: “Eat These 10 Foods to Drop 10 Pounds”
  • A threat: “5 Lies Your Accountant Doesn’t Know He’s Telling”
  • Social proof: “Warren Buffet Hand-Picked This Stock. Are You Missing Out?”

It’s important that the headline/title is consistent with the content of the page once users click through to avoid their disappointment and frustration – this will only lead to them clicking right back out to the search results.

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2. Create a Call to Action

Once visitors know they have reached a relevant webpage, they need to know what to do. Each landing page must have a single call to action, which is what the business wants the visitor to do.

A clear call to action, such as “Download Free,” can outperform an ambiguous “Try Us” many times over.

3. Focus on Baby Steps

Conversions are often more successful when the customer only needs to take small steps at a time. For instance, an opt-in form can be divided into two sections: the primary page requests an email address and then the subsequent page asks for name and postal code.

People are more likely to complete short forms than long forms, more likely to give out ZIP codes than full addresses and more likely to give out any details at all if they receive something free in return.

4. Inspire Trust

When customers trust websites, they take action. They do not worry about spam, identity theft and credit card fraud. Instead, they focus on signing up, buying or completing a transaction. Improve your credibility; add:

  • Reviews
  • Awards
  • Warranties
  • Social media likes
  • Specific testimonials – which can increase buyers by 30% or more. (Tweet this stat!)

5. Pack Value Above-the-Fold

A long webpage can be divided into two areas: above-the-fold is all content that can be seen without scrolling, and below-the-fold is the rest of the content on the page. Since visitors do not like to hunt for information, important details, including calls to action, must be placed within the top 600 pixels of the page.

6. Remove Distractions

Distractions give visitors a reason to do something other than the desired action. Landing pages should be free from any menus, text, images or other clutter that detracts from the desired response.

At the same time, certain images and videos can complement the page goal and encourage visitors to take action.

  • The best images display real people using real products.
  • Their captions should follow the same rules as major headlines.
  • The best videos are even easier to understand than text and images.
  • Videas encourage visitors to spend more time on the landing page and can improve conversion rates by up to 80%.

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Overall, the perfect landing page must be relevant, offer solutions and make it easy for a customer to take action. To keep conversions high, business owners must be willing to test performance and tweak options when necessary.

Bio: This article was written by Adam Rowles, an Online Marketing Specialist with Perth SEO agency White Chalk Road. White Chalk Road has been providing Search Engine Optimisation and Website Marketing services to Australian and international clients since 1999.

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