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link building best practicesWith Penguin 2.0 and the fear of Google penalties still fresh in everyone’s minds, the time has come to take a good hard look at the way we build links. There isn’t room for paid, bulk link building techniques or multiple links from dodgy skinned template sites. I’m of the opinion that if it’s not 100% white hat, then it’s black hat. There is no grey area in between.

What we know – quality links pointing to your site from reputable sources helps build your authority. Spammy, low-quality links are not going to go the distance they used to, which requires a little more creativity when it comes to your link building techniques. With the help of Sean McGinnis from 312 Digital, as well as the link building legend, Jon Cooper, from Point Blank SEO, we’ve been able to highlight some of the easiest and most effective, actionable link building techniques that you can go and work on today.

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Link Building Beyond the Link

With the evolution of online marketing, forging relationships with bloggers, professionals and site owners makes great business sense, at the same time as paving the way for future link building contact. The following ideas involve relationships of one sort or another.

Interview Industry Professionals or Celebs

Find experts in your niche and ask them to help you with the creation of some link-worthy content, especially if they have some form of celebrity stature or influence. You could simply write up an interview and add a few colorful images, upload it as a podcast or create a video. Any way you do it, you’re going to benefit from the scenario in a number of ways:

  • You’ll be creating great content that’s relevant to your niche
  • If it’s valuable and answers a lot of questions or concerns, it could become a “go-to” resource for your target audience
  • You’ll be leveraging off the “celebrity” status
  • Said “celebrity” will no doubt link back to your content and share it with his or her audiences
  • The above two points combined will multiply the “share” factor and number of links back to the article

Host a Contest

Nothing gets people into a frenzy faster than something free, or the chance to win something awesome. By collaborating with a few sponsors or even buying a few prizes, you can throw a contest together in no time.

  • Create the contest with the hub sitting on your website
  • Any related advertorial material must point back to the site
  • Get your sponsors to talk about it
  • Have the entry form located on-site; capture the entry data for future campaigns
  • Offer some freebies and on the spot prizes to boost the visibility
  • Publicize it as much as possible – the more you do, the more links you’ll get back to the site

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Create Lists

No one has done this better than Jon Cooper and he’s done it by teaching people how to do it on numerous occasions. In this example, he created an expansive list on link building resources – a go-to guide on where to find the most value for your links. It’s not only incredibly useful, but it’s an extremely clever way of getting all the mentioned sites listed to link back to this resource.

  • Look at your particular niche and think about what your readers would gain the most value from
  • Spend time doing the research into finding the optimal resources that fit this niche
  • Let people know that you’ve included them in your list
  • Spread the word

Submit Infographics

If the rest of the world is anything like me, they’ll also find that the data represented in an infographic is so much easier to digest than a page of content. There’s an infographic for everything, but what has already been done can be improved upon.

Creating the infographic is one thing, but getting it out there is the next and most important step. Paddy Moogan put together a comprehensive list of sites that you can submit infographics to – both paid and free. According to Paddy, even bad infographics get linked to, so what’s your story?

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There are so many awesome link building ideas out there that require a little more thought, time and effort to execute on, but these are simple, tried and tested. Any favorites you’d like to mention?

About the Author: Katherine is a South African copywriter with a penchant for SEO and blogging. Wild and vivid dreams of writing good, old fashioned books fill her mind, but it’s the digital world that allows her to best express her talents. Read more of Kat’s work on Northcutt’s SEO blog.


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