Localized Marketing: Opportunity Is Waiting In Your Backyard

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local marketing opportunitiesWhile most companies are making the most of social media marketing and other online opportunities, you don’t want to overlook a valuable opportunity right in your back yard: localized marketing. This is just as it seems – connecting your marketing at the local level.

Need a reason to get started? According to the Google Mobile Study, 92% of smart phone users search for local information, products and companies on their mobile device. Not to mention that, according to LocalSearchInsider.org, “This year’s ‘State of Local Search’ study found that local searches now account for 13% of all core search activity.”

Seek Out Allies

It’s important to remember that you’re not the only business in town. There are many companies looking to market to the same audience, and might have already been involved for some time now. Thus, in local marketing, it’s a smart idea to seek out other local businesses looking to boost their community and regional marketing efforts, as well.

  • Niche businesses: Team up with another business in your field to make a bigger impact. Combine services from both companies to offer with a well-rounded marketing package.
  • Schools: Connect with local elementary, middle and high schools to attain marketing space around campus, on the local baseball field, etc.

Finding Your Opportunities

Localized efforts present a variety of marketing opportunities for a company new to the scene. While online localized marketing efforts should continue to be enforced, personalized, community involvement will give your local campaign the boost it needs. Connecting with customers and citizens on a personal level delivers the message that you are there and you care.

  • The local football game: Sponsor the game and offer a discount to ticket holders. Supporting a school bodes well for any company.
  • Yellow pages: Take out a spot in your local yellow pages. “… Something has to be said for the close bonds that this Yellow Pages’ vast sales force enjoys with its local business advertisers and its deep understanding of their individual objectives and challenges.” – SearchEngineLand.com
  • Your customers: Face-to-face marketing is your best tool in localized efforts. In small towns or regions, citizens are often tied to one business or brand due to long term relationships with them. Change this by engaging in exceptional personal interactions.
  • Volunteer events: Whether you do it as a whole company or make it a smaller event, volunteering is a great way to show what your company is all about. It gets your name into the community, potentially even the local paper.
  • LivingSocial Deals: This is a great way to get hyper-local with your marketing. Offer a local discount for those within your region. No better way to drum up some good conversation.
    Content: Consider adding a local section to your business blog. This brings attention to your local community members and customers. It can also help to increase your rankings for local searches.

With online marketing in the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that you have a local community to interact with as well. This is a great way to diversify your marketing efforts and reach an important audience on a personal level. There are a number of tactics you can utilize, and this article has only begun to scratch the surface. Local engagement is on the rise, so consider adding localized marketing to your efforts.

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