Look to the Past for Your New Year’s Resolution: 5 Things You Already Do That Can Be Improved

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Part of growing as a company is staying on top of future trends. If a small business does not have the same advanced technology or up-to-date information as its competition, it can be very difficult to stay in business. For this reason, companies are constantly looking to the future and trying to integrate the most “cutting edge” practices in every way they can.

However, in an effort to stay relevant, many are forgetting the importance of some “old” business methods. Even though new marketing approaches and business practices are exploding onto the scene, many older tactics still work—and very well.

If you find that some of your more traditional approaches to business have fallen by the wayside, use the New Year to start fresh. Consider a few of the ways you can revive your current and past business efforts:

5 Ways to Improve Your Past and Present Business Campaigns

1. Newsletters – Analyze the layout of your current newsletter and make sure that it is easy to understand. Column layouts work well because they make the text look shorter, which helps convince people to read. If your newsletter is currently a copy of your blog, consider adding some more unique content. If you have something in your newsletter that cannot be found anywhere else, more people will be apt to subscribe.

2. Referrals – Most companies know referrals are great, but they don’t do much to increase their number of referrals. If you’re simply hoping someone is going to refer your company, you may be disappointed. Use the New Year as a time to market for referrals by creating a co-marketing partnership with another company, giving out a free gift for a referral, or collecting testimonials.

3. Social Media –Many companies spent the last few years getting caught up in the social media excitement and created an account for every social media network available. If this describes your company, take some time to evaluate what each account means to your business. Having an inactive account or an account full of spam will actually look bad on your business, so get ready for the New Year by deleting these accounts. Focus on a few accounts and manage them correctly by responding to user comments, updating your promotions, and connecting with customers and clients.

4. Office Space and Supplies – This is something that often gets neglected as a business continues to grow. Remind employees of the importance of computer maintenance (anti-virus software, changing passwords, removing dust, etc.) and look around to see if any furniture or outlets are unsafe. Better to start the New Year off with a solid office than with a workers compensation insurance issue.

5. Content – Having fresh and unique content is a necessity for any business with an online presence. Your company likely has a full-time writer or a freelance writer contributing content, but the New Year might be a great time to begin accepting guest articles. Guest articles are a great way to network and get your website noticed by your guest writer’s entire audience.

Although looking to the past isn’t quite as exciting as QR Codes or mobile applications, it is necessary. Perfecting some of the things listed above will help a company regain the momentum it once had. After all, not all “new age” business practices work well. As you look to the New Year, focus on the practices of the past that you know will bring success.

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