Looking To Acquire Customers? Think Search over Social

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Is social deserving of the hype? It’s definitely exciting to get people talking about your product, but it seems, for small businesses the social excitement runs dry at customer acquisition.

According to an eMarketer report, 73% of small businesses used social media marketing in April 2011, however, only 54% found these efforts effective for marketing. This seems to be a growing trend for businesses, getting excited about a new and emerging technology without having a strategy to drive customer acquisition.


In 2010, 68.1% of small and medium sized businesses found Twitter one of the most effective marketing tactics for driving customer acquisition. In 2011, reality set in, with a mere 30.4% looking to Twitter to acquire customers. Are businesses writing off Twitter and other social media channels for driving end user purchases, or are they fed up with the lack of success on social platforms?

As small business owner investing in a new marketing channel, you should always evaluate the platforms potential for acquiring new customers. According to this report, the majority of small businesses that have tried, are now reverting back to search for their customer acquisition efforts. According to eMarketer, “a rush of small businesses to new marketing channels can mean that less experienced respondents are now reporting on the effectiveness of their efforts, which would naturally be lower than those who have been using a channel for many years. In addition, some small businesses could be overreaching by trying to tackle too many channels at once, without the necessary time and resources.” A focused channel strategy can help businesses turn online visitors to customers, but what channel should you focus?


Search, organic and pay per click, still reign supreme for small and local business looking to drive foot traffic in their “brick” from a “single click.” Google is the top place that consumers go to find information about local businesses, according to a CityGrid Media research. Google is the predominant driver of local business information, “more than half (52%) of adults under 35 visit more than two websites before checking out a local business.”

Google Boost
Boost is a new tool for local businesses to enhance paid search listings on Google. If you own a local business, Boost allows you to standout amongst the sponsored section and Google Maps. Google Boost ads appearance is determined by keyword relevance and location of where the search is occurring. This service is brand new, and I believe strongly that it will drive local business search success.

It might be safe to assume that small and local business social media efforts are great for acquiring additional “engagement” and fostering long term relationships, where search might have a greater impact on customer acquisition. If you are looking to increase your in-store sales and the volume of end user purchases, try your hand at search, paid and organic.

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