Make it Your Business to Analyze Social Performance

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For companies using social media to reach out to current and potential customers, what they do with analysis and feedback is just as important as using the communication tool in the first place.

It should not come as a surprise that strong SEO and social media efforts will likely lead to major upticks in a company’s visibility, how well it does in search results and a prominent site ranking.

By using metrics to track a company’s social media performance, business owners can improve their bottom line and stay a step ahead of companies who choose not to use social media or do so ineffectively.

So what areas of social media can businesses track to see how their company is utilizing this form of communication?

  • How many followers/friends does the company have? For businesses using Twitter, they should check to see how many followers they have and how that number changes over time, along with how many retweets their messages are receiving. For Facebook users, the same idea follows suit, just instead of followers one has friends. Yelp is another site that companies can use to their advantage, allowing them to get the pulse of the community and address concerns.
  • Are efforts being made to blog and video market? In the event businesses are blogging, they can look at the number of outside links direct back to their blog, how many comments their blog receives, and what issues readers are taking issue with. This can be especially helpful in assisting in product development; take any comments received seriously and work to right any wrongs. Video marketing on sites such as YouTube offers companies a “presence” and permits them to demonstrate sincerity.
  • What is the importance of sales numbers? Another item for companies to follow is sales numbers from Google referrals, those from paid search clicks and mentions on social networks. Having someone on the team that is good at analyzing these numbers can go a long way in helping the company properly utilize technology.
  • What is the competition doing? What one’s competition is undertaking online is important to follow. In the event Company #2 does not have a strong online presence, Company #1 can potentially reap the rewards by tweeting, blogging and more. Companies are advised to review and subscribe to competitor’s e-newsletters and/or blogs to stay updated on developments and open the door to the competition’s customer base.

As for social media monitoring tools companies can utilize, here are some options (these are but a few and were not chosen on purpose for promotion):

  • Google Alerts – These allow companies to form keyword searches for the name of their business and its competitors. The updates, which are based on one’s selection of query or topic, can be obtained through the company’s inbox or its RSS feeds.
  • HootSuite – This account management tool permits companies to supervise a number of social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. Companies can create custom studies from more than 30 individual report modules to discuss with colleagues and clients.
  • Buzzlogic – This digital media company has a data-driven ad platform made to optimize advertising across a large swath of web blog content. It pulls together proprietary conversational analytics with the industry’s top audience targeting data in order to bring out the best in performance.
  • Twazzup – A dashboard program to monitor Twitter and inform companies each time their keywords are noted in a tweet. The tool will also categorize one’s results by link popularity, contributors and users, and tagging clouds.

With so much to be gained by analyzing one’s social media efforts, companies would be foolish not to study the data.

In fact, many might say it would be anti-social.

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