Making Time to Execute Your SEO Campaign

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SEO online marketingAs a small business owner or marketing manager that is responsible for most of your company’s marketing efforts, online and off, adding an SEO campaign to an already hectic daily schedule might seem like an impossible task. You barely have the time to eat lunch most days, not to mention squeezing in link building, blog writing, keyword research and more.

But if your company can’t afford to outsource SEO to a white hat company just yet, you have to make the time to execute the SEO campaign on your own. SEO is such a long term process that the longer you wait to get started to longer it will take to see the value of your efforts.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try these 4 SEO time management tips.

1. Do all the keyword research at once, but optimize your site in batches.

The reason you want to do all your keyword research at once is so you can avoid accidentally targeting the same keyword on different pages of your site. You should only be targeting any given keyword on one page at a time, so doing your keyword research at once makes it easier to keep track of what keywords you’re thinking about using where.

However, once you have the keyword research and keyword selection process done, but you don’t have the time to optimize the entire site in one fell swoop, an alternative would be to make changes and roll them out in batches.

  • Optimize 50 pages at a time, starting with the most valuable. These could be the pages that already get the most traffic, have the highest conversion rate or generate the most profit for your company. They might be doing pretty well right now, but a little onsite can take those pages to the next level.

2. Build one link a day.

Plenty of site owners ask me how many links they should build each month, but there really is no “right” number. However, link building is an integral component of SEO and it isn’t something you can put off forever. I freely admit that building quality links can take a lot of time, so instead of looking at your link building campaign and thinking it’s impossible to build that many in a given month, take a more realistic approach.

  • Focus on building one quality link a day. It could be a new blog comment, an online press release, a guest posting opportunity, a product review on another site, a new local business profile or any other form of white hat link building. If you aim for 1 quality link a day you could easily wind up with 15+ links each month.

3. Commit yourself to one piece of content each week.

Content marketing is really what propels your SEO campaign along. Great content is going to attract great links, pumping up your link profile, fuel your social media marketing campaigns, give the search spiders more content to work with, improve your online brand reputation and presence and more.

However, writing great content, especially when you don’t consider yourself a great writer, can take a lot of time and effort. While it would help if you could pump out a dozen blog posts a week, a dozen low-quality and generic blog posts aren’t really going to get you anywhere.

  • Commit to creating once piece of content each week and promoting it everywhere as soon as it goes live. A blog post should get posted to your social profiles and can also be dropped into a company e-newsletter or made into a larger white paper, which can also be broken down into more posts.

4. Schedule social media updates in advance.

It’s too easy to sit down to check Facebook for five minutes and watch an hour pass by. Though you should be connecting and engaging with your social network in real time, you can save yourself a little time and effort by scheduling some updates in advance.

  • Sync your blog’s RSS feed up with your social profiles so new posts are published automatically. If you now you’ve got a special sale coming up soon, schedule out announcements a few weeks ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it later. You don’t want to schedule out every single update, but take advantage of the great social media tools out there to make your job a little easier.

These are just four SEO time management tips to make SEO execution more manageable. Ultimately, the key is to just keep plugging away at it. While life happens and things are bound to come up, don’t let your SEO be continually pushed to the back burner.

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Nick Stamoulis is the President of Boston SEO services company Brick Marketing. With nearly 13 years of B2C and B2B SEO experience, Nick Stamoulis shares his knowledge by writing for the Brick Marketing SEO blog and publishing the Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter, read by over 150,000 opt-in subscribers.


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  1. avatarHarry Freedman

    Good advice Nick. It’s also worth getting some free seo analysis software to help you really understand what needs to be done to optimise your content, and where the best links may be.

    I’ve just started to do this for There are plenty of free programmes out there, just search on free seo software.

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