Making Your Business Stand Out With Google Boost

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map-pinSmall businesses are getting an additional “boost” as Google unveiled a promising modification to search engine places and paid ads. If you are a small business that has set up a Google Places account, you may find that it helps drive traffic to your site but there also is a great deal of competition. It has become a standard procedure to set up a Google Places account for your small business and standing out amongst the crowd is difficult. Today Google fixes this issue by offering a service called Google Boost. A business will be able to pay for Boost ads and show up on Google maps with a blue pin. Your paid listing not only shows up on Google maps with a blue pin, but will also be featured in the top header bar in the “sponsored links” section.

This offers an alternative to Adwords for small businesses that are finding difficulties converting customers through their CPC efforts. Boost sets out to be a more simplistic offering because, if you are willing, all you need to do is enter a monthly budget and you will be up and running. If you want to get into more detail with your keywords, Google has suggested keywords, much like Adwords. According the Google LatLong Blog, “Placement in the “Sponsored Links” section of the page will, as always, depend on factors such as your ad’s relevance and quality. Boost does not affect the ranking of the free, organic business listings in any way.”

You may think this sounds a lot like traditional Google purchased ads, but Boost is a “hands-free driver” and requires little to no upkeep. Once you go through the initial set up which includes adding your business description, a destination page and a monthly budget your business is Boosted!

Boost is not a replacement for Google Adwords, and it likely will be more beneficial for businesses that are currently  doing very little PPC advertising. Google feels it is a good way to get your foot in the door with online marketing. However Boost will have it’s place in helping small business growth because it is a differentiated ad. As many of us bypass the sponsored links and irrelevant places the blue pin will stand out and catch the eyes of many. Google Boost is currently in beta in Chicago, San Francisco and Houston but we will likely see it  nationwide very soon.

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Matt Krautstrunk is an expert writer based in San Diego, California.  He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

One thought on “Making Your Business Stand Out With Google Boost

  1. avatarTommy hart

    The roll out of boost will be a a great asset for business owners. I tried the beta test they ran in san diego and it generated a decent amount of calls.

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