How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your Site

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ID-10077777Small businesses, as well as larger companies, ignore social media at their peril. No matter what kind of enterprise you’re running, you are likely to benefit from getting onto some of the most popular social media sites that millions of us are using to keep in touch, share ideas and to research or purchase products.

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With that in mind, you may be wondering how to integrate different social media components on your own sites or pages. In most cases, there are easy ways to do this, as some of the big social media platforms are helping individual users to morph their own outside sites with profiles and resources inside the platform.

Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ Buttons

In addition to Facebook Open Graph, a more sophisticated tool for Facebook integration, the company’s developers have also created resources for making share buttons easy – you can get code and helpful resources for share buttons here, and customize them anyway you want.

The short form Twitter platform has also given users specific resources for getting what they need to put a Twitter button on their pages. At this page, you can get instructions and code for the Twitter button as well as a Twitter button resources page and FAQ. Users can also add comments about their own experiences doing this kind of social media implementation on their sites.

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Getting a LinkedIn ‘Share’ Button

With all of the attention that LinkedIn has been getting in recent years, including the company’s huge 2013 IPO, this is an important one for lots of businesses. Having a LinkedIn resource on your site can help make your business content more relevant to career professionals in your industry.

LinkedIn developers have maintained this ‘build a share button’ page that includes a URL plug-in and various tools for customization.

Get a Google+ ‘Share’ Button

Want to get with the social media program of the company that is behind Google Glass, Google Apps and the biggest darn search engine in Internet history? You can also get Google+ tools for share buttons directly from the Google developer’s web site. Use this page to create and align your Google+ button.

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Some small businesses fail to realize Pinterest as a business social media platform, but companies and startups with visual or craft ideas can make this a relevant part of their sites. The Pinterest Help Center offers this resource for adding a ‘pin it’ button to an outside page.

All of these neat social media additions will allow you to link your site to other big venues, and to monitor the kinds of feedback that you get through a socially connected readership.

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